North Korea Fires Another Missile, Its 4th This Month

loading… North Korea test-fired a missile early Monday, January 17, in what was the fourth missile maneuver so far this month. Photo/REUTERS/Illustration SEOUL – North Korea (North Korea) on Monday (17/1/2022) fired a missile, possibly a ballistic missile. This is the fourth missile maneuver by the Kim Jong-un regime’s military so far this month. Japan’s … Read more

Will the central bank raise the interest rate next month?.. Bankers should

01:16 PM Sunday 16 January 2022 I wrote – Manal Al-Masry: Bankers expected the central bank to fix the interest rate for the tenth time in a row, during the first meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee this year during the month of February. The Monetary Policy Committee of the Central Bank decided to fix … Read more

Fencing︱Zhang Jialang is the fastest second brother in the world to become the first in the world early next month (18:34) – 20220117 – Sports – Instant News

Cheung Ka-lang became the first Hong Kong Men’s Foil World Cup champion in his first international competition after the Tokyo Olympics. He, who was ranked 4th in the world before the game, stated before leaving for Europe that he aimed to challenge the world’s 1st this year, and he only stopped in the top 64 … Read more

Shark Attacks Increase During Full Moon, How come? page all – There are strange things that happen on Earth when Month the full moon is coming. One of which is shark attack. New research from Louisiana State University and the University of Florida shows more attacks shark occurs during the fuller phases of the Moon. Citing Phys, Sunday (16/1/2022) researchers found more shark attacks … Read more

here is what you pay on average per month to protect yourself!

Posted on Sunday, January 16, 2022 at 11:03 a.m. Through Amelie Dubois The Covid crisis has disrupted household wallets. A significant part of their budget is now devoted to masks, self-tests or gel. A family with two children spends on average more than €250 per month, according to Test Achats. Faced with the multiplication of … Read more

Moon Bigger Than Earth Found Outside Solar System

Jakarta – Not only planets outside Solar system, astronomers are also hunting for the presence of Month. And recently, they reported that they might have discovered a moon that is larger than Earth. This moon orbits a planet that is thought to be similar to Jupiter. In a review in the journal Nature Astronomy, the … Read more

National measles vaccination campaign continues until the end of this month

Launched since January 3, the national measles vaccination campaign will continue until the end of this month (January 31, 2022), the Ministry of Health announced Friday evening in a press release published on its official page. Aimed at people between the ages of 26 and 38 who have not contracted this disease or have not … Read more

The Netherlands was in lockdown for a month. Was that necessary?

Favorable scenarios were discussed in the OMT meeting on 17 December. “We’ve seen about twenty different scenarios,” Bonten said. “But you choose a very bad scenario for your policy, because you have to prepare for that.” Another factor is that the Netherlands was in bad shape. “The hospitals were still full at the time. Few … Read more