The rapidly shrinking Euroleague market: who is still waiting for contracts and what the clubs have done in the first month of summer

The first month of the calendar summer has reached the finish line and June was extremely hot in the Euroleague – the clubs of the most powerful tournament are intensively preparing their squads for the next season. Naturally, the richest teams are the first to work in the market, which had agreements with some players … Read more

Is hydrogen the fuel of the future? Big oil companies are betting on it, announcing investments worth billions in the last month

Jan Boháč, 29. 6. 2022 Source: Depositphotos Oil companies are scrambling to adapt to demand for green energy and hope to stay in the game after oil cuts Many of them have therefore recently announced massive investments in new hydrogen factories worth tens of billions of dollars The hydrogen factories will be powered by solar … Read more

The exchange of armchairs and the 17-year-old hired at 600 euros a month: what’s in the investigation on Carlo Fidanza

One exchange of armchairs and a 17 year old hired in Strasbourg. The Brothers of Italy MEP Carlo Fidanza would have convinced a city councilor of Brescia to resign to make room for one of his most faithful. In exchange for a contract to the European Parliament for the son. After lobby nera another one … Read more

Details of the approach of the comet Panstars to Earth next month .. Can it be seen with the naked eye?

Tuesday, June 28, 2022 – 05:58 PM announced Jeddah Astronomical SocietyComet C/2017 K2, known as Panstars, will approach the planet in the coming weeks, after a long journey over the past three million years, as it was moving towards the sun, a long and slow journey from outside the solar system. The discovery of the … Read more

BCA’s explanation of viral tweets, the transaction fee is IDR 150,000 per month – Executive Vice President Secretariat & Corporate Communication BCA Hera F Haryn provides an explanation regarding twit viral contains information regarding a letter related to changes in transaction rates on social media on Monday (27/6/2022). According to him, the letter regarding the change in transaction rates circulating on social media is not an official … Read more

22-year-old girl, fifth month pregnant, falls off the balcony and dies

A 22-year-old girl, pregnant in the fifth month of pregnancy, she’s dead on the afternoon of Monday 27 June in Brugherio, in Brianza. The 22-year-old died following a fall from the balcony of a house on the second floor of the Edilnord complex. There was nothing for the girl to do. The 118 rescuers who … Read more

It is rumored that the new work of “Extreme Pleasure” may be announced next month! | XFastest News

According to well-known video game journalist Tom HendersonreportIt is pointed out that according to sources, EA will announce a number of new games next month, including new works in the “Skate” series, new “FIFA” series and new “Extreme Pleasure” series, but the current release time and Whether there will be a press conference, there is … Read more

These are the virtues of the first 10 days of the month of Dzulhijjah according to Sheikh Ali Jaber

North Sulawesi portal – Right now, people Islam will welcome the coming of the moon Dzulhijjah 1443 H. Which, the moon Dzulhijjah this is one of those special months in Islam. Because, one of the pillars Islam implemented this month. Also Read: 5 Tips to Reduce Hypertension, One of them is Prolonging Bowing and Prostration, … Read more

Fugitive KPK Seizes 37 Thousand Ha Riau Land, State Loss IDR 600 Billion Per Month

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — attorney General’s Office conduct investigations related to cases of alleged corruption land grabbing an area of ​​37,095 hectares (Ha) by PT Duta Palma Group in the region Riau. Attorney General ST Burhanuddin stated that his party had confiscated the land which was allegedly being managed illegally, resulting in a loss to … Read more

5 Coaches Who Boost the Position of the Indonesian National Team in the FIFA Ranking in One Month, Shin Tae-yong Is Not On The List! : Okezone Ball

AS MUCH 5 coaches who boosted the position Indonesian National team in the FIFA rankings in one month will be discussed in this article. FIFA ranking itself was first introduced by FIFA in December 1992. During that period, there were 22 permanent coaches (not caretakers) who managed the Indonesian national team. Of the 22 coaches, … Read more