Ricardo Casares was infected with COVID-19 more than five months ago and still has sequelae: “The air is going away”

Ricardo Casares had to connect to an oxygen tank during his battle against COVID-19 (IG: ricardocasares)Although it has been more than five months since he caught the COVID-19, Ricardo Casares still suffers from the aftermath of the virus. During his participation in the reunion for the 25 years of Windowing, the presenter had the opportunity … Read more

Anuel AA returns to music only two months after his retirement

At the end of November, the Puerto Rican singer Anuel AA announced that he was temporarily retiring from the music industry to spend more time with his son: “My son doesn’t want me to sing, he wants me to be with him, that’s why I think about retiring, because he is the one who suffers … Read more

Minister Claude Meisch and representatives of unions and associations of socio-educational personnel agree on a model of dialogue for the coming months – News – National Education, Children and Youth

22/01/2021 • Secondary education • Pupils with special needs • News The Minister of National Education, Children and Youth, Claude Meisch, and representatives of the unions and associations of socio-educational staff met on January 22, 2021 to discuss the next steps in the exchange process on the missions and tasks of educational and psycho-social personnel … Read more

Immunity against Covid-19 lasts at least six months

Judith de JorgeFOLLOW Madrid Updated:19/01/2021 08:13h save Related news People who have recovered from Covid-19 have shown immunity against the virus, but knowing how long that resistance lasts is of great concern to the scientific community. A new study by Rockefeller University in New York (USA) offers hope by concluding that, six months after infection, antibodies … Read more

The Reina Sofía de Benavente Theater hosts a dozen plays the first four months of the year

A scene from “Buried Lives”, by Mariano Llorente. | LOZ The Reina Sofía de Benavente theater presents its new programming for the 2021 season with a large number of novelties for all types of audiences and styles. This year, the functions will be subject to the reduction of capacity, the sale of tickets only at … Read more

A deferral of 12 additional months for the LégiFiscal EMPs

During a speech by the Minister of the Economy, Thursday, December 14, several announcements of importance were made to support companies during this health crisis, including the one-year extension of the deferred payment of the EMP. ​The success of the EMP ¶ The loans guaranteed by the State, implemented as of the spring confinement of … Read more

12 months, 12 books (from the hand of 12 Zaragoza bookstores)

Are you one of those who have a hard time picking up a book? Or one of those who don’t know where to start? Were the last books you read all the way the Harry Potter books or the compulsory class ones? Is reading a little more on your list of New Years resolutions? Or … Read more

E-sport | Overwatch League 2021: New season to start in four months

Overwatch League start with everything this year. Today, Blizzard announced that its biggest esport league will start in April. It will also be the first season the league started with the remote games. “To take full advantage of what was learned last season, we have made several changes that will improve the quality of competition … Read more