Montreal: a man in his twenties stabbed in a grocery store

A man in his twenties was stabbed in the upper body on Saturday night during an altercation that took place in a grocery store in downtown Montreal. • Read also: Saint-Léonard: two injured in a collision between a motorcycle and a vehicle • Read also: Longueuil: a woman injured during a quarrel with a man … Read more

Montreal public health officials opposed to holding 2021 Canadian Grand Prix

Montreal public health authorities say they are categorically opposed to holding the Canadian Grand Prix in the city this summer, Radio-Canada reported Thursday. The annual event is scheduled for June 13. Local public health officials are concerned about the arrival of 2,500 expected participants and the potential they will come into contact with volunteers and local staff. … Read more

Ubisoft Montreal Studios Sale Event Launches “Assassin’s Creed: Viking Age”, “Polar War Howling 5” and other special offers-Bahamut

[The following content provides the original information for the manufacturer] To remind you, Canada has many great things, one of which is Ubisoft Montreal Studio. Since its establishment in 1997, Ubisoft Montreal Studios has been the driving force behind Ubisoft’s most popular games. Starting today, you can start these games at super discount prices. Want … Read more

Vaccination soon open to the general population in Montreal?

While many vaccination sites remain available in the metropolis, it is not excluded that the vaccination will be offered to the general population more quickly than expected. • Read also: All the developments of the pandemic • Read also: No return to normality before June 24, says Legault This is what the Dre Mylène Drouin, … Read more

Responsibilities to assume | The Journal of Montreal

When a 19-goal scorer (Tyler Toffoli) and a 14-goal scorer (Josh Anderson) fail to worry the opposing goalkeeper, there is a problem. When a player, hired to make a difference, Jonathan Drouin, has only two goals, there are decisions to be made. When top defenseman Jeff Petry suddenly plunges into mediocrity, it raises concerns. When … Read more

Chronic patients: start of vaccination in Montreal

Vaccination of people under the age of 60 with a chronic disease or a health problem that increases the risk of complications from COVID-19 began Monday on the island of Montreal. • Read also: LIVE | The latest developments on the coronavirus Candidates for vaccination could make an appointment on Clic Santé since Friday to … Read more

Prevent a second cancer | The Journal of Montreal

It is estimated that there are currently over one million Canadians who are cancer survivors, a number that will increase dramatically over the next several years as treatment continues to improve and the population ages. In addition to the physical and psychological consequences that can result from the treatments, cancer survivors in many cases remain … Read more

Maripier Morin: relentlessness | The Journal of Montreal

So, like that, eminent representatives of the CAQ (Colonie Artistique Québécoise) disapprove of the nomination of Maripier Morin at the Artis gala … They are outraged that the actress of The fault is found in the category “female role, seasonal drama series”. Excuse me, folks, but what would you want? That Maripier Morin is hiding … Read more

Walk-in vaccination clinics in Montreal

The health authorities in the north of Montreal have deployed around ten walk-in proximity clinics to prevent a delay in vaccination in vulnerable populations. Until April 3, the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal is setting up these “ephemeral” vaccination centers which last for one day in various premises in the boroughs north of Montreal, such as Montreal-Nord … Read more

Assassin’s Creed writer is leaving Ubisoft Montreal

Main screenwriter responsible for the stories Assassin??s Creed: Revelations i Black Flag after 10 years of work, he leaves Ubisoft Montreal. Apart from the above-mentioned views, he also worked on Unity, Origins and as narrative director Valhalli, he also wrote a story for a great animation Assassin??s Creed: Embers. Darby McDevitt announced his resignation on … Read more