US CDC Director: Using a Two-Layer Mask is More Effective in Preventing the Spread of Covid-19 – Director of the United States National Institute of Allergic and Infectious Diseases, Dr Anthony Fauci in an interview with NBC television yesterday said wearing two layers of masks could more effectively prevent the spread of Covid-19. Reporting from the CNN page, Tuesday (26/1), according to Fauci, wearing two layers of masks or N95 … Read more

Antitrust: 3 million fine to myWorld and Lyconet – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 25 – The Competition and Market Authority has imposed a total fine of 3 million euros on myWorld Italia and Lyconet Italia. According to what was ascertained by the Antitrust, a note reads the sales system of the two companies, a multinational cashback system, “is promoted in a deceptive and not … Read more

Concerts, movies, museums … and free cooking classes

Facebook 0 Twitter 0 WhatsApp 0 The voice of Galicia Laura Lpez Lugo / The Voice 08/01/2021 13:11 h Concerts, cinema, exhibitions or free world cuisine classes are some of the leisure options for Saturday 9. In The Old Crcere establishment several shifts to visit the center on your own, with a maximum duration of … Read more

House loan KFW or house loan repay more

Hi there, we have a KFW Credit (50k €, interest 2%, VR-Bank) and a larger loan (175k €) 3.33% interest. With the KFW we currently repay € 191.92 per month, with the larger loan € 632.19 (1%).The KFW will run for another 3 years, the big one will run until 2044. The KFW still has … Read more

Genshin Impact storms the mobile market and manages to generate more money than Pokemon Go

Genshin Impact It surprised locals and strangers on September 28, when it was launched and showed its approach to a market model as particular as free to play. With some improper production values ​​of that appellation, this JRPG advocates remembering great references of current video play culture, articulating its playable discourse around a large open … Read more

Penelope Cruz reveals her most intimate side on television

Actress Penélope Cruz is the star of the new installment of the documentary series “Let’s put it on,” by Atresplayer Premium, which has already successfully premiered the chapters dedicated to the filmmaker Pedro Almodóvar, the singer Joaquín Sabina and Mecano. The documentary series is planned in blocks of three chapters and will reach Spanish homes … Read more

Microsoft, a voice to know more about Bierzo

For the president of Microsoft Spain, the key to leading the future is technological intensity (Tech Intensity), “investing in those technologies that differentiate and enhance the competitive capacity of each company.” Pilar López Álvarez, president of Microsoft Spain, said it at a recent event held in Madrid. An equation where, in his opinion, what is … Read more

Lionel Messi’s homage to Diego Maradona will cost Barcelona €3,000

One of the great moments of Barcelona’s 4-0 win over Osasuna came when Lionel Messi dedicated his goal to Diego Maradona, who passed away this week. 29/11/2020 Upd. at 20:46 THIS Messi peeled off his Barça shirt to reveal a Newell’s Old Boy shirt — the one wore by Maradona when he played for the … Read more

Barcelona does not find buyers for luxury apartments of more than 2 million

25/11/2020 13:56 – Updated: 11/25/2020 4:34 PM The strict limitations on mobility caused by the coronavirus are beginning to have a direct impact on the luxury residential market in Barcelona. The real estate supply with prices above 2 million euros does not find a buyer among the national demand. This has been confirmed by the … Read more

alleges cash problems and that the bank does not endorse it

24/11/2020 05:00 Ahead of More economic problems for FC Barcelona. In the midst of the financial crisis due to the coronavirus hit, the Treasury has imposed a millionaire penalty to the Blaugrana entity. The Central Delegation of Large Taxpayers of the Tax Agency claims almost nine million euros in withholdings for income from work / … Read more