United Kingdom is overrun by poverty

Brexit has not brought the United Kingdom the boom that many expected. Instead, the country has sunk deeper into poverty, with more and more stores implementing reinforced security measures to combat theft. Security guards monitor the self-service checkouts, employees closely monitor the security cameras, and valuable items are equipped with magnetic security tags. These measures … Read more

Gays face greater risk of heart disease

Women who identify as lesbian or bisexual may have a higher risk of heart disease, according to a new study by the American Heart Association (AHA). Sozcu.com.tr Release: 10:13 – 18 May 2023 Updated: 10:31 – 18 May 2023 The first study of its kind, published in the Journal of the American Heart Association, examined … Read more

Four signs that you are consuming too much salt

Eating too much salt can increase the risk of heart disease by causing high blood pressure. Experts shared four signs that could be a sign that you’re consuming too much salt. Sozcu.com.tr Release: 15:50 – May 15, 2023 Updated: 15:53 ​​- May 15, 2023 It is very important to consume salt in daily life according … Read more

Wow success for the 30th edition of Arabian Travel Market in Dubai

the date 5/8/2023 3:00:12 PM (MENAFN-Al-Bayan) The Arabian Travel Market 2023, which concluded its activities last Thursday in Dubai, witnessed the attendance of more than 40,000 people, including 30,000 visitors, as this year’s exhibition recorded an annual increase of 29% in the number of attendees compared to last year’s version of the event and an … Read more

Gold prices increased by 3 percent during the week, amid expectations of…

(MENAFN) Gold prices stabilized today, Friday, as they did not witness a significant change in spot transactions, but they are heading towards recording the largest weekly increase in nearly two months. This is due to investors’ hopes that the Federal Reserve (the US central bank) will stop raising interest rates, in addition to the concerns … Read more

Al-Zamil reveals the team most affected by arbitration errors this season • Al Marsad Sports

Sports Observatory: Sports journalist Abdul Karim Al-Zamil revealed the team most affected by arbitration errors this season. Al-Zamil said, on the Al-Diwaniyah program on the Saudi Al-Riyadiyya channel, that Al-Shabab are supposed to lead the league today, if the grave arbitration errors did not digest their right. He added: If the youth had taken his … Read more

Oil is falling on fears of raising interest rates

the date 4/10/2023 2:17:18 PM (MENAFN- Al-Borsa News) Oil fell on Monday, after achieving gains last week for the third time in a row, as investors worried about increasing interest rates that may limit demand for oil, which created a state of balance regarding the possibility of a market recovery after the decision of OPEC … Read more

Consumers are particularly interested in the price and range of electric cars. More and more, but also one hitherto neglected factor

it has more room to reduce the prices of its electric cars, but the market situation does not require it. The industry is still in the phase where the consumer is learning to use the new product. This was reported by Cox Automotive economist Charles Chesbrough for Yahoo Finance. In the second part, he addressed, … Read more

Oil stabilizes after a sudden increase in US crude inventories

the date 4/12/2023 4:15:20 AM (MENAFN- Al-Borsa News) There was little change in oil prices in early trading today, Wednesday, after data showed an unexpected increase in US crude and gasoline inventories, which offset the impact of fears of tight supplies ahead of OPEC production cuts. Brent crude fell five cents to $85.57 a barrel, … Read more