Zelensky accuses Moscow: “It shields itself with the Zaporizhzhia power plant” – World

The Chernobyl ghost lightens up on Zaporizhzhia. While rockets and grenades rain all around, the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky accuses the Russians of atomic blackmail, to continue to barricade themselves and to shoot from the largest nuclear power plant in Europe, shielding themselves from it. According to Kiev, Moscow’s troops west of the Dnipro River … Read more

What if things really go wrong in Europe’s largest nuclear power plant? Nuclear expert gives answers

©  AFP The United Nations (UN) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) are calling for help: all military activities near the site of the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant must be stopped immediately. They warn of a “nuclear catastrophe” if that doesn’t happen. But what are the consequences if things go wrong there? Nuclear physicist … Read more

The decisive phase of the war began with the explosions in Crimea — ČT24 — Czech Television

Crimea is Ukrainian, Zelenskyy declared The Ukrainian side has not officially claimed responsibility for the explosions. The adviser to the Ukrainian president, Mykhaylo Podolyak, even denied for Internet TV Dožď that his country was behind the explosions: “Of course not. What do we have to do with it?’ Any attack by Ukraine on Crimea would … Read more

Moscow was enraged by the decision of the Latvian parliament

“Given that this decision is not based on any facts other than animalistic xenophobia, it and its ideologues should be called nothing but neo-Nazis,” she wrote on the Telegram channel. The representative of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs also reminded of August 8. published her comments, in which she called the intention to declare … Read more

Moscow: Switzerland cannot represent Kyiv in Russia

Bern confirmed on Wednesday that Ukraine has asked Switzerland to become its diplomatic representative in Russia. “Unfortunately, Switzerland has lost the status of a neutral state and can neither be a mediator nor a representative of interests,” Russian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ivan Nechiaev told reporters. He confirmed that Bern asked Russia if it would agree … Read more

Moscow applies house arrest to Ovsyannikova – Abroad – News – TVNET

In a closed session, the court of the notorious Basman district of Moscow decided that Ovsvajnikova’s house arrest is applicable until October 9. As reported, the former editor of the Moscow propaganda channel “Pervij kanal” (“First Channel”) Ovsyannikova, against whom a criminal case “for discrediting the Russian army” has been initiated, was detained on Wednesday. … Read more

Media: a barracks burned near Moscow

This was reported on Thursday by the Telegram channel “Baza”, which is based on “Ukrinform”. According to the received information, the fire covered 1.2 thousand square meter area. The fire was contained in the morning. Information about the victims was not received, it is reported that, “according to preliminary data, all people were evacuated.” The … Read more

ISW: Moscow does not accuse Ukraine of attacking Crimea. He is afraid to show the ineffectiveness of his defense

Authorities Iran They claim that Chajam remote sensing satelliteequipped with a high-definition camera, it will be used for civilian purposes. US officials and independent experts, however, believe that it will increase Tehran’s ability to monitor potential targets in Israel and the entire Middle East, the New York Times reported. The newspaper assessed the launch of … Read more

More carbon and additives. Moscow Minister makes promises for September

The minister was asked by the newspaper whether there will be more coal supplies, as according to the estimates of the Ministry of Climate and Environment This year, Poland will import about 13 million tons of coal, of which 6 million tons have already arrived, and another over 6 million tons are under contract. However, … Read more

Moscow is increasingly dependent on India and China for oil exports

China is the world’s largest importer of oil, while India is the third largest. Western countries limited the import of Russian oil after the beginning of February’s invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops. According to Reuters, there are signs that India and China’s interest in Russian oil has peaked. In July, Russia exported 1.85 million … Read more