“From snow to mosquitoes we have been here for five months” – Corriere.it

from Lorenzo Cremonesi The only clashes between the two armies with drones and artillery FROM OUR SENDPERVOMAISKE (Fronte di Kherson) — Little moves in the trenches of the southern sector. Despite President Volodymyr Zelensky’s loud announcements of a “quick counter-offensive” to recapture Kherson and despite Russian unsuccessful attempts to resume the advance towards Odessa, this … Read more

How do mosquitoes choose their target?

Maybe it’s something you know. You wake up after a hot summer night and are covered in mosquito bites. Several factors direct mosquitoes to their targets. According to laboratory studies, 20% of the population are prime targets for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes use the carbon dioxide they exhale to prepare their prey. Scientists have found that mosquitoes … Read more

Methods You Can Use Other Than Insect Repellents To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes

In order to be protected from mosquitoes, we first need to understand under what circumstances this creature attacks. 1. Blood Type We leave the word to the Japanese scientists: According to one study, mosquitoes are twice as likely to bite people with blood type O than people with blood type A. Researchers state that mosquitoes … Read more

Natural ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes in the summer

Experts state that mosquitoes, which can carry diseases depending on where they live, are likely to become infected. Working in this Zeytinburnu Medicinal Plants Garden, Dr. Biologist Tuğçe Ağba gave information about the ways of protection from mosquitoes. HERE ARE THE NATURAL MAGAZINE EXPERIENCES Dr. Biologist Tuğçe Ağba stated that by using medicinal aromatic plants … Read more

Why we should keep looking for exotic mosquitoes

After the discovery of an Asian forest mosquito in Maasmechelen, the health institute Sciensano and the Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) are calling on citizens to keep looking for exotic mosquitoes. After all, the presence of the Asian forest mosquito indicates an increasing introduction of exotic mosquitoes in our country. Via the website muggensurveillance.be anyone … Read more

Exotic mosquitoes and new viruses due to climate change

The pain of a mosquito bite is annoying enough, but unfortunately mosquitoes can also transmit diseases It is summer so unfortunately mosquito time again. They keep you awake and can sting viciously. Annoying of course, but does it also involve risks? Professor of Experimental Virology Ronald van Rij of Radboudumc explains in our summer series … Read more

Climate change brings us exotic mosquitoes with new viruses

The pain of a mosquito bite is annoying enough, but unfortunately mosquitoes can also transmit diseases. A well-known example of this is the malaria parasite. Fortunately, that is not a big problem in Europe. But what about other diseases? Ronald van Rij: “Exotic mosquitoes are on the rise in Europe. In Italy, Spain, the South … Read more

Admits There Was a Exposure of Residents, Sekdes Babakan Peuteuy: DHF Mosquitoes Still Threatening

JabarEkspres.com, CICALENGKA – The spread of dengue fever mosquitoes (DBD) is currently quite haunting the community, especially for children. Therefore, anticipation of prevention needs to be a priority to suppress the spread of mosquitoes DBD. Babakan Peuteuy Village, Cicalengka District, Bandung Regency claims to have implemented mosquito prevention DBD since January 2022. “To anticipate the … Read more