Murder Catania, Elena’s mother at the scene of the crime already in the morning

A first stop in the car and a second walk, jogging. During the episode of Friday 1 July, “Fourth Degree” go back to the crime of the little girl Elena Del Pozzo killed last June 13 in Catania by her mother Martina Patti . Having already shown exclusively images recorded by a surveillance camera in … Read more

The mother of a Mansoura University student explodes an earthquake: When we opened her phone, we discovered the disaster.!! (Watch a video)

The Mansoura University victim’s mother said; There was originally no love story between her daughter and her killer, and he was just a colleague of hers at the university, and all that happened between them was that she asked him to do research during the pandemic while she was in Cairo, so he thought she … Read more

Tax accountant ♥ Lee Ji-hye cut bangs and full set… A young mother TEN

/Photo = Lee Ji-hye’s Instagram Broadcaster Lee Ji-hye shared her daily life. On the 30th, Lee Ji-hye posted a picture on her Instagram along with the caption, “Cut your bangs. You pierce your eyes a lot.” In the published photo, Lee Ji-hye with her bangs cut was put. Lee Ji-hye is moving somewhere with her … Read more

Galliani: “I brought Xavi to Milan, but his mother didn’t leave him”

Adriano Galliani, CEO of Monza, spoke about the Brianza market, also revealing an anecdote about Xavi one step away from Milan in ’98 Adriano GallianiCEO of Monza, spoke about the market dei Brianza, revealing among other things a anecdote about Xavi one step away from Milan in the 1998. These are the words of the … Read more

On a crazy video, Majka’s wife Dundika is having a blast at the VOLT Festival

Jenő Rácz: “To this day, I am grateful that I was educated when I couldn’t take it anymore” The chef also talked about the fact that with them, the child only prioritizes his relationship with his wife. Fatherhood was the topic of Bence Istenes’ YouTube program, the latest broadcast of IstenEst, and accordingly three well-known … Read more

Mother of young children missed in Mexico – Disappeared in holiday paradise

In early May, no two-year-old girl found barefoot and alone outside a church in the Mexican coastal city of Cancun. Shortly afterwards, mother Tahnee Louise Shanks (32) was reported missing. The 32-year-old was last seen on Monday 2 May, and it is still not known how she was separated from her two-year-old daughter. Suspected drug … Read more

What Vasco Madueño’s mother said about Guillermo Dávila | EYE-SHOW

Basque Madueño He confessed that nothing in his life has changed since Guillermo Dávila acknowledged his paternity, only through a DNA test. The 20-year-old was disappointed in the recent statements of his biological father on the ‘D-Day’ program. MIRA: Vasco reveals why he doesn’t want Guillermo Dávila’s surname: “He won’t let me live in peace!” … Read more

Complete Chronology of Ayu Anjani’s Mother and Sister Died by Drowning in Labuan Bajo

Jakarta, Insertlive – Ayu Anjani conveyed the sad news that her mother and sister were killed in a ship sinking in the waters of Komodo National Park (TNK), Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara on Tuesday (28/6). Jamiatun Widaningsih (53) the mother and Annisa Fitriani (22) the younger sister were found in a lifeless condition during … Read more

CHRONOLOGY of the Shipwreck in Labuan Bajo that Killed the Mother and Sister of Actress Ayu Anjani

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Chronology of the sunken ship in Labuan Bajo who killed the mother and sister of the colossal actress Ayu Anjani. The ship sank in Labuan Bajo also ridden by mother and sister Ayu Anjani when the unfortunate incident occurred. Reportedly, three of the 18 passengers died in the sinking incident in Labuan Bajo. … Read more

5-month-old baby died molested by his biological mother, this is what a psychologist says – One now five months old with the initials AD in Wonocolo District, Kota SurabayaEast Java, has the heart to be abused by his own mother, whose initials are SE. Quoted from the news Monday (27/6/2022) edition, the police said that the reason for the perpetrators was because they were angry with the … Read more