BOLA – Mourinho pecks Boris Jonhson: «Can I go to Portugal for a week on vacation?» (Tottenham)

English Prime Minister Boris Johnson this morning announced several new measures of deflation, saying there is a chance that fans will return to the stadiums in October, if some tests to be carried out in August are successful. Asked about the matter, José Mourinho was more political, highlighting the fact that Portugal at this time … Read more

LIVE: Mourinho puts Alderweireld back in the starting line-up, Vertonghen on the bench Premier League 2019/2020

Newcastle United Tottenham Hotspur 55′ 01 35 ‘- Geel – Federico Fernández 31 ‘- Yellow – Toby Alderweireld 27 ‘- Goal – Son Heung-Min (0 – 1) Premier League Matchday 36 15-07-2020 19:00 Last match day Toby Alderweireld was the match winner against Arsenal with the decisive goal. He also gets a basic spot against … Read more

Manchester City sanctions removed, Jose Mourinho: How embarrassing

BOLASPORT.COM – Coach Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho, gave a response regarding the removal of the ban on appearing in European competition for Manchester City. Monday (7/13/2020), Manchester City pocketed permission to play on The Champions League next season according to the appeal granted by the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CASE). Results CASE remove the … Read more

“Shame. I don’t know if they are guilty. I criticize the decision, ”Mourinho reports on the cancellation of the City ban – Football

Head coach Tottenham Hotspur Jose Mourinho was dissatisfied with the decision to cancel the ban on participation Manchester City in Eurocups for violating the rules of financial fair play (FFP). “If Manchester City is innocent, then a punishment of several million is a shame. If you are innocent, you are not punished. On the other … Read more

Salah in the eyes of the legends.. like Messi

Wrote: Age Cor Monday 15 June 2020 12:11 pm Today Monday, Egyptian international Mohamed Salah the star of Liverpool’s English birthday his 28, that may be an extraordinary year for the bank after it became the coronation Premier League title is imminent. Approached Salah born on June 15, 1992 to contribute with Liverpool in the … Read more

Eto’o confesses: how Inter signed him, Materazzi’s text and his disappointment with Guardiola – Diez

In an interview for The Gazzetta, the former Cameroonian forward Saumel Eto’o remember how they convinced him to sign for the Inter de Milan and that year (2010) win the treble with Mourinho. He also confesses that he left Barça disappointed with Pep Guardiola. Xavi and Eto’o explain how much Messi has left and the … Read more

FilGoal | News | Mourinho: I did not cry in my life until after the painful loss against Bayern in 2012

Tottenham coach Jose Mourinho would have wished he added a third title in the Champions League in 2012, but the penalty shoot-out was eliminated by Bayern Munich in the semi-finals, leaving him crying with heartburn. Mourinho recounts a difficult time he spent overcoming this defeat. “This is football. Cristiano (Ronaldo), Kaka, Sergio Ramos. They are … Read more

Mourinho spoke of his favorite player and gave his opinion on Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo

Jose Mourinho again it is news in the world of soccer and this time the reason is not related to the coronavirus pandemic that punishes the entire planet. The successful Portuguese coach chose his favorite player and many were struck by his response: it is not Lionel Messi, neither Cristiano Ronaldo. “For me, Ronaldo is … Read more

Not Messi or Ronaldo … Mourinho picks the best player he has ever seen

Jose Mourinho, the coach of Tottenham Hotspur, believes that fellow Cristiano Ronaldo is not better than playing football throughout history, not even Argentine Lionel Messi, indicating that Ronaldo is the best player he has seen in history. Mourinho said in the remarks of the world: “The best is the phenomenon Ronaldo, Cristiano and Messi have … Read more