Andrea Escalona, ​​Hoy conductors, Laura Bozzo and other celebrities mourned the death of the producer Magda Rodríguez

Magda Rodríguez passed away at dawn on November 1 at the age of 57 (Photo: Instagram @magdaproducer)This Day of the Dead, the middle of Mexican entertainment dressed in mourning with shocking news, because in the course of the morning It was announced that the producer Magda Rodríguez was found dead in her home located in … Read more

Femicide in Villavicencio: Natalia’s boyfriend mourned her death and later confessed to being the murderer

Femicide in Colombia. Assassination of Natalia Fernández Montoya. Photo: Private archive.On October 13 in Villavicencio, department of Meta, the 22-year-old Natalia Fernández Montoya, a systems engineering student at the Universidad de los Llanos, She was found lifeless and with signs of violence in one of the rooms of her house. His death caused protests and … Read more

Femicide of Natalia Fernandez in Villavicencio | Boyfriend mourned her death and confessed that he killed her – Other Cities – Colombia

A forceful blow to the head would be the cause of the death of Natalia Fernández Montoya, a systems engineering student at the Universidad de los Llanos (Unillanos). The impact would have been given to him by Carlos Andrés Sandoval, his former partner and a veterinary medicine student at the same educational institution. (We recommend: … Read more

Viloco, the aerial tragedy that mourned Bolivian football

51 years ago, one of the saddest air tragedies occurred in the country. He September 26, 1969, the four-engine DC-6B plane crashed in the Andes mountain range very close to the mining town of Viloco. It had 74 people on board, including The Strongest club roster. The brindle team, which was not doing a good … Read more