Lee Jong-suk’s radiation-contaminated swimming pool water Kim Joo-heon revenge Im Yoon-ah Death Big Mouse

‘Big Mouse’ (Photo = Broadcast screen capture) Lee Jong-suk took revenge on Kim Joo-heon for being contaminated with radioactive water. In the MBC Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse’, which was broadcast on the 17th, Choi Do-ha (Kim Joo-heon) was elected mayor and was acquitted in the trial, and Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-suk)’s revenge was in danger … Read more

Comprehensive Kim Joo-heon murdered Jeon Guk-hwan… Im Yoon-ah and Lee Jong-suk passed out on death → Leukemia Shocked Big Mouse

Photo = MBC ‘Big Mouse’ broadcast screen. Through a self-made play in which Lee Jong-suk died, Kim Joo-heon was informed of the reality of Kim Joo-heon to Gong Kook-hwan, but in the end, he was killed by Kim Joo-heon. Yoona Lim showed symptoms of leukemia. In the 14th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama ‘Big Mouse’, … Read more

Perforated Mouse Steelseries Aerox 5 Wireless Wired and Wireless Mouse User Reviews feat. Jukbuin Mouse: Dana and DPG make my heart dp

Let me introduce you to the perforated mouse. If you read this material in its entirety, you will get to know the perforated mouse. If you need the knowledge of the perforated mouse, please read the whole thing. Now let’s take a look at the perforated mouse. It is a product of Steelseries dedicated to … Read more

Lim Chang-jung ♥ Did you inherit the clothes of Seo-han’s son? Cute Mickey Mouse T-shirt TEN

Lim Chang-jung’s wife Seo Ha-yan showed off her beauty. Recently, Seo Ha-Yan posted a picture on her Instagram with the caption, “Just perfect for autumn..🍁”. In the published photo, Seo Ha-Yan is wearing a comfortable outfit and taking a selfie at a cafe. He radiates innocence under the clear sky. He is currently living in … Read more

The Spirit and the Mouse little mouse adventure game is here! Officially available on September 27!

It turned out to be a mouse, I thought it was Pikachu! ? Following the previous “stray”, there is another game that can control small animals! Recently, game publisher Armor Games Studios and development team Alblune announced that its latest action-adventure game “The Spirit and the Mouse” is expected to land on Steam, Epic Games … Read more

Light but powerful gaming wireless mouse, GLORIOUS model O Wireless

hello. Today, I brought a review of a new gaming product. GLORIOUS is an American gaming gear brand that produces keyboards and mice. Among them, the mouse is loved by gamers all over the world, producing a variety of products, including the symmetrical model O, the asymmetrical Model D, and the model I. Among them, … Read more

Synthetic mouse embryos develop simple brains – New Scientist

Researchers have developed synthetic embryos made from mouse stem cells in a lab to form a rudimentary brain and a beating heart.

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Viral challenge: the mouse challenge that only 1% of people solve in 10 seconds

Visual games are one of the funniest trends on social media, and the ones that get a lot of buzz get famous viral challenge which leaves everyone waiting until it is resolved. The most accustomed do it in record time and others take several minutes. In this sense, there is a new visual challenge which … Read more

Mouse takes the rat on the car

The man bought himself a used Toyota Land Cruiser, but fell ill immediately afterwards. The car was parked in a garage for a few months, and when he was going to use the car again, he discovered that mice had gnawed on parts of the interior. At the workshop, they noted that the damage was … Read more