Ukraine Russia, December 8 war news | Kiev: Russian rocket launchers at the Zaporizhzhia plant. The Pope is moved and invokes peace;

The pressure on Donetsk, the most critical front of the war in Ukraine, continues unabated. The situation on the energy system front is always serious. Today I held a meeting of the General Staff. Reports of commanders, analysis of the situation in specific directions. First, with regard to the Donetsk region, Bakhmut neighborhoods and other … Read more

Treating his stepdaughter as his own for 4 years, he was “called Dad” without warning and was moved to cry: everything was worth it | International | CTWANT

It is the greatest wish of many remarried parents to hear their stepchildren call “Dad” and “Mom”. A stepfather in Hebei, mainland China, took 4 years to melt his stepdaughter’s defenses. Therefore, when his daughter called him “Dad” without warning, his tear glands were instantly broken, and he covered his face and cried bitterly on … Read more

Shakira was moved by a Brazilian influencer’s video to the rhythm of ‘Waka Waka’

Shakira is a trend on social networks because of a video of her song ‘Waka Waka’ from a Brazilian influencer. Taken from social networks Shakira is one of the most media artists in recent months and it is not for less, since the Barranquilla woman has faced one of the darkest stages of her life … Read more

The football world was moved by the news of Pele’s dramatically deteriorating health

Palliative care is given to terminally ill and essentially incurable patients. As you know, Pele underwent bowel cancer surgery in September 2021, during which the tumor was removed and he has been undergoing chemotherapy since then. However, “Folha de S. Paulo” informed on Saturday that conventional cancer treatments are no longer effective, so chemotherapy has … Read more

He was unemployed to talk to his girlfriend and was moved by “this sentence”: Although he is not rich, he is very happy | International | CTWANT

A man surnamed Cao from Zhejiang Province in mainland China talked to his girlfriend after losing his job, and was repeatedly comforted by her. (Picture/Repost from Weibo/Bailu Video) Love is often compared with “bread”. How to strike a balance is a major issue for many couples. A man surnamed Cao from Zhejiang Province in mainland … Read more

Vsetín – Kolín 5:3, Vsetín hockey players moved to second place in the first league

Vsetín extended his winning streak to four matches, despite losing 0:2 and 1:3. In the first period, Kolín gained a two-goal advantage thanks to a power play shot by Matěj Morong and a goal by Kryštof Ouřady. Halfway through the game, Jan Berger scored, and Štěpán Matějček restored Kolín’s two-goal lead in the 37th minute. … Read more

Twenty-somethings Axelle and Jonas moved in together after only 3 weeks. “We are definitely on a pink cloud” | Nina

On the dance floor, Axelle (27) never noticed the DJ, but that changed when a friend asked her for a number. Jonas (28) played the same song for weeks and flirted from a distance, until he surprised her on the dance floor the day after Valentine’s Day. “The morning after I had spent the night … Read more

Lia Gama and Luís Alberto moved by Sofia Alves’ statement: “She is like that”

In this special episode of Magic Box, the surprises did not stop happening. Several national actors and actresses were honored, among them, Lia Gama e Luis Alberto🇧🇷 The two actors were surprised by a letter from Sofia Alvesshe is also a renowned actress. The actors did not hide their emotion and returned the praise to … Read more