Who said that increased activity and increased consumption would bring well-being and happiness?

Movement was associated with progress: science and technology, production, consumption. Travel and tourism were booming. The distances and the times were shortened in the speed of the communications that globalized information, tendencies, ideology. Success was measured in the ability to summon crowds that, one next to the other, shared a recital, a sporting event, a … Read more

The movement of planes in Soetta reaches 524 per day, the highest since the pandemic

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Angkasa Pura II records traffic flight at Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (Soetta), it’s getting more and more active, after since pandemic Covid-19 has hit the last few months devoid of passengers. The peak of aircraft movement since the pandemic occurred on Friday, August 14, 2020. It was recorded that it reached 524 … Read more

#MeLoDiieronEnLaFmed: the campaign that arises from the movement of women in medicine | the daily

Sunday, in the program Watchword, a surgeon denounced a colleague for alleged gender violence and mistreatment. The case took place on television in prime time because Álvaro Villar, one of the Frente Amplio candidates for the Montevideo City Council, in his role as director of the Maciel hospital, had to mediate the situation. The doctor … Read more

“The EU has a moral duty to support the new opposition movement in Belarus” | European Union

After five nights of protests, violently repressed by the police, the Foreign Affairs Ministers of the European Union (EU) are meeting this Friday, by videoconference, for a extraordinary reunion on the political situation in Belarus, at a time when several European capitals have raised criticism Aleksander Lukashenko’s regime, in power for 26 years, and threatened … Read more

In Baltiysk, due to demining work, the movement of ships near a sunken German barge was limited

In Baltiysk, from August 12 to the end of September, ships were prohibited from approaching a submerged German barge closer than a kilometer, which they began to clear mines. This is reported in Facebook administration of the city district. “From today until the end of September, it is prohibited to find any ships within a … Read more

The movement of June 5 (re) mobilizes for the departure of Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta.

In accordance with the promise of its leaders, the Movement of June 5 – Rally of Patriotic Forces (M5-RFP) took up, this Tuesday, August 11, the bet of mobilization in place of Independence. The call of ECOWAS to put an end to the demonstrations through its special envoy Goodluck Jonathan, let alone the rain, has … Read more

“We need decisive action. The queer movement has gained support”

„We are working on our projects – we print stickers, we want to create our own queerbus that will travel around Poland, we also want to meet the Pope. We have many ideas “- these are the plans for the future and the activities of the Stop Bzdurom collective, says in an interview for vogue.pl” … Read more

Kiska ended up in politics. His party is taken over by the exposlanka of the Matovič movement

The smallest parliamentary party, Veronika Remišová, will lead the new people, which her fellow parties preferred to the mayor of Hlohovec, Miroslav Kollár. A total of 76 pages voted for the new leader at Saturday’s congress in Trenčianske Teplice, Kollár convinced only 33 voters, reported server Aktuality.sk. The party’s founder and ex-president Andrej Kiska also … Read more

Jegal Chinese Movement in the South China Sea, the US Starts Activating ‘Sea Chains’ with Missile Strength that Spans from Japan to Indonesia

Sosok.ID – It looks like a plan United States of America (US) to limit space China of South China Sea more visible. The ‘sea chain’ strategy is said to be one way United States of America (US) interrupts military movements China of South China Sea. The US began to activate their “marine litoral regiment” which … Read more

“Without love, we are nothing”. Couples separated in the pandemic create global movement to bridge the gap

The Brazilian tried to travel to Portugal in April, but she cannot board the plane because she is not married and does not reside in the country, which she must meet for the first time when the borders reopen. “It is difficult because the distance is cold (…) you feel a very strong, very great … Read more