How CMO Kristina Bulle wants to make “stronger together” a social movement

Brands need to take a stronger stand, says Kristina Bulle, Procter & Gamble, Since January 7th, Procter & Gamble has been saying “stronger together”. The new umbrella brand campaign will change the Group’s marketing in the long term and shape it throughout the year. CMO Kristina Bulle explains the reasons for this in an exclusive … Read more

Twitter announced that it deleted 70,000 accounts linked to the pro-Trump QAnon movement

A supporter of US President Donald Trump wears a QAnon T-shirt after participating in a trailer park in Adairsville, Georgia. REUTERS / Elijah Nouvelage / File Photo Twitter announced on Monday that it had “permanently” suspended 70,000 accounts affiliated with the pro-Trump QAnon movement since Friday, to prevent them from using the social network for … Read more

Apple patents an avant-garde glove capable of detecting the movement of each finger | Technology

Apple enters the world of virtual reality gloves to make us feel things that do not exist. Apple always likes to innovate without thinking too much about how the product can end up being very expensive when it goes on the market, and right now they have managed to design a virtual reality glove that … Read more

Theatrical and musical businessmen are in “Extreme Alert” before the decision to prevent the movement of people at night

Theatrical and musical entrepreneurs are in “Extreme Alert” before the decision to prevent the movement of people at night (Photo: Jonatan Vanesa)“Theater and music are safe, night and day”. This is the statement of the Argentine Association of Theater and Musical Entrepreneurs (AADET), published on Thursday afternoon on social networks and in which they declare … Read more

Millionaire Movement – The millionaire who pawned his Rolls Royce

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A project of Peoples in Motion and the UMA analyzes the rural perspective in the classroom

Neither in the statements of the math problems, nor in the Social or Language issues, are most of the students from the rural environment represented. Textbooks include a general perspective that has more to do with life in a big city than with your day to day in the countryside. And what the Association intends … Read more

Expression through movement centers a new cycle workshop for breast cancer patients

Barcelona, ​​December 18, 2020.- Before the end of the year, the cycle of breast cancer workshops organized by the Vall d’Hebron Institute of Oncology (VHIO) in collaboration with the Vall d’Hebron University Hospital (HUVH), which are sponsored by Pfizer, has held one last virtual session. On this occasion, the person in charge of giving the … Read more

No, the letter on Catalonia and the independence movement attributed to actor Juan Diego is not his

“As a Madrilenian I have come to the conclusion that I am a Catalan independentist”, this is how the letter that has circulated for years begins and that has been attributed to the actor Juan Diego. It’s a hoax. The text corresponds to a letter published in The vanguard and signed by “Juan Diego”, although … Read more

LR Schleritzko: Changes in the law give municipalities financial freedom of movement and less administrative effort

Changes to the municipal code and the city law organization law are to be discussed and resolved in the next parliamentary session St. Pölten (OTS / NLK) – The state of Lower Austria plans to adapt the municipal code as well as the city law organization law. “What sounds technical, gives the municipalities financial freedom … Read more

Britain to accelerate movement of perishable goods with Brexit in force

Britain announced that it will accelerate the movement of some perishable goods at the end of the transition period from Brexi with the European Union on December 31, as part of efforts to deal with the expected disruption in British ports, the BBC reported on Saturday, December 12. The British government has warned that with … Read more