on social networks, the “antivax” launch a movement to obtain “pure blood”

Published on : 26/01/2023 – 10:57 Misinformation about Covid-19 has given rise to a social media movement called “ Sang Pur “. Antivax propagandists use it as a keyword to find people who have not received a messenger RNA vaccine injection. And who agree to give their blood for a transfusion, in the event of … Read more

At home: Who is the media entrepreneur observed with Pegasus, near DK, whose company received more money in the campaign than Márki-Zay’s movement?

Zoltán Páva, the opposition media entrepreneur previously monitored with the Pegasus spy software, who also contracted with the DK faction for tens of millions, whose company, according to the secret services, received more foreign money during the campaign than Péter Márki-Zay’s movement in total, avoids the public. According to a recent secret service analysis released … Read more

Mahfud’s sarcasm about the Underground Movement, Sambo’s lawyer: He is All-Knowing

Next page “Someone said about a Brigadier General approaching A and B, who was the Brigadier General? Call it to me, later I have Major General. There are many, if you have a Major General who wants to put pressure on the court or the Attorney General’s Office, here I have a Lieutenant General,” said … Read more

Sick Questions and Answers︳Persisting numbness in hands and feet or nerve damage dismantling 2 simple test methods + improving movement – Sky Post – Health – Musculoskeletal Pain

I believe everyone has experienced numbness in their hands and feet. It may be caused by insufficient blood circulation, or it may be caused by nerve damage. Chen Guangjin, a physical therapist at Jianheng Physical Therapy and Specialized Training Center, pointed out that there are many causes of numbness in hands and feet, such as … Read more

Break these habits for a healthy brain

Updated: 18.01.2023 – 17:12 Already knew? Healthy brain: steer clear of these habits Photo: IMAGO / imagebroker If you want to have a healthy brain, you should avoid certain habits in everyday life. To keep your brain healthy and fit, you should quickly say goodbye to these eight habits in everyday life. A healthy brain … Read more

Jan Rosák after a difficult operation: He can’t move without a corset

Rosák he praises himself for deciding to undergo surgery for a herniated lumbar disc. Few more days “Partly, I caused it by a lifetime of active sports on only half of my body, which is tennis. And partly it is simply some innate disposition,” commented the presenter, who will now receive a custom-made corset. “I’m … Read more

Vila Real: resumption of the Diabetes in Movement Program

On the 9th of January, a session took place in the auditorium of the Sports Pavilion in Vila Real, which marked the resumption of the 2023 Diabetes in Movement Programme, which takes place simultaneously in 22 municipalities in Portugal. The Vice-President and Councilor for Sports, Alexandre Favaios, was present at this welcome session where he … Read more

The first movement, “Pinky”, recalls the image of her youth, accepting the Children’s Day, the fans flocking to throw hearts.

Throw a lot of hearts. “Pinky Savika” makes the first move after receiving temporary bail. Post a picture of your childhood for Children’s Day. Ready to say hot captions Prepare to dance “Style like bad z often” It was the first move after receiving the temporary guarantee of the young heroine. “Pinky Savika Chaiyadej” That’s … Read more

With just one movement: How to find out whether batteries are full or empty

Alkaline batteries contain a gel mass. When the battery is exhausted, it becomes solid. The solid interior ensures that a dead battery will bounce off the ground and bounce back into the air. When the batteries are still full, the gel mass is still soft and cushions the impact. Therefore, these fall directly over without … Read more

A remarkable statement from Jumblatt about Hezbollah and the Free Patriotic Movement.. What did he say?

The head of the Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, stressed that “a joint Arab-international effort is necessary in order to expedite the election of a new president for the republic in Lebanon.” A discussion about whether or not to meet the Council of Ministers. In an interview on the Egyptian “TEN” channel, Jumblatt affirmed that … Read more