Actor Chadwick Boseman, a superhero from the movie Black Panther, has died

Boseman has also starred in television series such as New York Crime, Anatomy of Lies and Deferred Cases. In the film Get On Up – The Story of James Brown, he played the main character, singer and composer James Brown. For the Marvel studio, he played the black superhero in the film Black Panther, which … Read more

Actor Chadwick Boseman has died. The star of the movie Black Panther was 43 years old

American actor Chadwick Boseman, known for example from the movie Black Panther, died at the age of 43 after a four-year battle with cancer, the AP agency announced today, referring to the actor’s agent. Boseman has also starred in television series such as New York Crime, Anatomy of Lies and Deferred Cases. In the film … Read more

Tesla vehicle, with Autopilot engaged, hits police car, car driver admits watching movie

A driver of a Tesla Model S in North Carolina admitted to watching a movie on his phone while using Autopilot before crashing into a police vehicle, another reminder that Tesla’s autopilot technology had trouble driving on its own. . The collision occurred just after midnight, and according to Raleigh’s CBS 17 television report, the … Read more

Driving his Tesla, he watches a movie and hits a police car

A motorist, whose Tesla car was on autopilot, was watching a movie on his cell phone as he crashed into a patrol car on the highway. At the material time, North Carolina police were responding to another call for another accident on Highway 64, the North Carolina State Highway Patrol said in a statement. The … Read more

Drive a Tesla car on autopilot while watching a movie and collide with two police cars

The sheriff of Nash County, North Carolina, believes that “automation is not improving security.” “In this situation he could have killed two law enforcement officers,” he stresses. A man driving a Tesla on autopilot crashed into two police cars last Wednesday night in North Carolina (USA). The person in charge, a Raleigh city doctor identified … Read more

Disney shifts Kingsman spy movie prequel to 2021 | NOW

Disney has released the The King’s Man, the prequel to the two Kingsmanspy films, postponed to 2021. The film was actually planned to hit theaters in September. According to Variety the release date in the US has been moved to February 26, 2021. Due to the uncertainties surrounding the corona crisis, Disney probably does not … Read more

Do you know what to do when the police stop you? Find out about your basic rights in the movie “Free Courts”

Would you like to receive notifications? So that you don’t miss anything: click on the padlock go to the item “Notifications” choose “Allow” So that you don’t miss anything: Go to “Preferences” Safari go to tab “Notifications” choose “Allow” at the domain refresh the page So that you don’t miss anything: click on the … Read more

Scenes of memorable explosions in the cinema – Cinema and Tv – Culture

For Tom Cruise, the Mission Impossible saga was like finding his place in the acting world. At 57, he still has energy and an impressive physique for extreme sports and filming his own action scenes. In Jack Reacher or in the new Top Gun, which will be released in December with the title of Maverick, … Read more

Ford Mustang from the movie I am a legend will be auctioned off

The American dealer New Milford Motors has one of the Ford Mustang Shelby GT500s, which took part in the filming of the film “I Am Legend,” starring Will Smith. The company’s website lists the cost of 85 thousand dollars (6.3 million rubles), but the dealer is simultaneously trying to attach a coupe through eBay – … Read more

In order to repel me, Glum will have more hair than in the movie

Lord of the Rings: Gollum | photo: Daedalic Our goal was to make it easier for them to form a relationship with Glum, as the artistic director of the Daedalic studio, Mathias Fischer, explained in his role.IGN store, because Glum is far hairy in their business, not we can remember from Peter Jackson’s film. Lord … Read more