Adamari López dedicated a moving message to her late father: “I really miss you”

The Puerto Rican presenter Adamari Lopez he fondly remembered his father Luis López. Through your account at Instagram, he nostalgically remembered his father’s birthday and dedicated a beautiful message to him. “I love you madly and I really miss you. I remember you all the time and I wish I received your call every day … Read more

Xbox Series S is not holding back the generation, but is moving it forward

Microsoft has made a very strong bet for this new generation of hardware. But it is a gamble that some have not understood. What has not been understood is the presence of hardware like Xbox Series S, which offers such modest specifications. In fact, we have seen in some comparisons, it is in a situation … Read more

Toño Mauri fights against the consequences of COVID-19: his long stay in the hospital left him having problems moving

Toño Mauri and his entire family were infected with COVID-19 but only the actor is still hospitalized (Photo: Cuartoscuro)Actor Toño Mauri continues to go through bad times after being infected with COVID-19, because despite the fact that a large part of his family fell ill and spent time in the hospital, Mauri is the only … Read more

Suitcases can be packed: nothing stands in the way of the Wewelsburg fire brigade moving – Büren

“Nothing should stand in the way of the fire extinguishing group moving by November 1st,” said Andreas Hilleke, chairman of the friends’ association, when signing the lease in the Büren’s public hall. The fire brigade and the village community joined forces to support the new home of the Wewelsburger fire fighting group and got the … Read more

Kinross Gold considers moving to London – Puertos928 economic news from the Canary Islands

Canadian gold miner Kinross Gold, located in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria for tax purposes, is considering moving its main share listing to London and selling its North and South American gold mines, Reuters was quoted as saying by The Globe and Mail, which claims to have access to sources “familiar with the discussions.” The … Read more

Etchevehere, provocateur: “Why don’t they call the governor, the lawyer, the prosecutor, the President of the Nation? I’m not moving from here ”

(Infobae) As part of the family dispute over the ownership of the “Casa Nueva” ranch, owned by the Etchevehere family, the former president of the Rural Society and former Minister of Agriculture of Mauricio Macri, Luis Miguel Etchevehere, was captured today. hui in a video in the What openly defies the judicial, provincial and national … Read more

Tropical Storm Gamma is moving slowly towards Yucatán; weekend spent over water for Central Florida

As the system tries to get better organized, the rain bands will push a lot of moisture back to Central Florida. It will arrive accompanied by the cold front that will retreat to the north and stop, becoming a stationary front. The front will park over Central Florida, producing a mostly cloudy weekend and higher-than-normal … Read more

Moving reunion of three friends who faced each other in Boca’s friendly

The friendly that Boca played today before Students from Río Cuarto left a moving pearl among three former teammates who faced each other today. They shared years in another team where they lived the most glorious moment of their lives. Today they lived an emotional reunion, which was captured in a photo and in extremely … Read more