Use This Method To Turn Your Telkomsel Multimedia Quota Into The Main Data Package: Easy and Effective!

MY KENDAL – Let’s use this method so that quota internet multimedia yours to be package data main easily and effectively. So quota internet multimedia Becomes package data regular, need two special ways used to change it. Before coid, let’s use these two secret tricks so that quota internet multimedia Your Telkomsel changed to package … Read more

Proven Powerful! Here’s How To Change Telkomsel’s Multimedia Internet Quota To Be The Main Quota: There Are Two Special Tricks!

MY KENDAL – Proven magic, see how to change quota internet multimedia Telkomsel Becomes quota main in a way that will be explained below. For users Telkomsel who want to change quota internet multimedia Becomes quota main, please read in detail the two special tricks that Kendalku teaches. In this article written in full and … Read more

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Bangkok (24 November 2021) – Streaming services continue to grow in popularity. Many blockbuster movies and quality series choose to debut on streaming platforms instead of being screened in theaters. Although this change will make entertainment more widely available to people around the world. But it made many feel the trade-off for a unique cinematic … Read more

Soon you will be able to repair your iPhone yourself – multimedia

So far, Apple has only given certified workshops access to original spare parts. Now the group is gradually opening the depots to everyone. In the future, Apple will no longer limit access to original spare parts as much as it did before. The group announced a self-service repair program. As a first step, owners of … Read more

Windows 11, Microsoft unveils its new multimedia player

Microsoft offers a first glimpse of a new media player for Windows 11. It comes with several changes to adapt to the new experience of the OS. This new “Windows Media Player” obviously offers a dress in harmony with the design codes of Windows 11. Its interface is modern while many of its features are … Read more

Fortnite video game leaves China

Epic Games announced earlier this month that it was going to stop the Chinese version of its game, which never earned it a penny for lack of official permissions. Fortnite and China are over. As he had announced in early November, the American publisher Epic Games on Monday cut the Chinese servers for its online … Read more

“The iPhone 13 is a repair nightmare” – multimedia

Replacing cell phone displays is usually a simple procedure. Apple has made the process more difficult with the iPhone 13. That causes criticism. “Apple’s screen repair trap could change the industry forever,” writes Kevin Purdy on Because according to the experts, a change in the iPhone 13 has the potential to completely shake the … Read more

The Lithuanian Interior Ministry is preparing for the worst-case scenarios. “The government’s actions are supported by the opposition” – News

The draft of the relevant resolution of the Lithuanian government, submitted on Tuesday, was supported by 122 deputies in the 141-seat parliament. One person voted against. “Their target is Germany.” Migration pressure on the Lithuanian-Belarusian border is growing Lithuania border, camps in state of emergency over migrants from Belarus — Reuters (@Reuters) November … Read more

Fairphone 4 – The phone you should buy – multimedia

Whether display, battery or camera – all parts of the Fairphone 4 can be replaced. But what else is the device good for? We tested it. Smartphones are still a major contributor to the annual e-waste pile. Although it has a study recently shownthat people use their cell phones for longer and longer periods of … Read more

Blackout sale at Hofer – electricity generators sold out – multimedia

Exciting gadgets, great technology, terrible flops in the digital telegram. Deliveries every day of the week “Today” three current news in brief. Of09. November 2021 Safer Internet Day 2022 – Austria participates On February 8, 2022, the international Safer Internet Day will take place for the 19th time. Under the motto “Together for a better … Read more