A fan is recreating The Simpsons Hit & Run as an open world multiplayer game

Image: Reubs ¿Rremember when Reubs created a more modern version of the classic The Simpsons: Hit & Run in just one week? Well the genius is back and has much more ambitious goals for himself Project. The original video from August 2021 was a concept improvised with various assets and editors of third parties in … Read more

Multiplayer strategy game Kingdom Maker lands on iOS/iPadOS

The Spopely studio today announced the release of its latest multiplayer strategy game on iOS and iPadOS. The studio to which we owe titles like Marvel Strike Force, Star Trek Fleet Command, Scrabble Go, or The Walking Dead Road to Survival is launching with Kingdom Maker a title combining humor, real-time strategy, role-playing and managementall … Read more

The classic Arkanoid game “Arkanoid – Eternal Battle” released a trailer, can be multiplayer online melee! | 4Gamers

The classic Arkanoid game “Arkanoid – Eternal Battle” developed by the French studio Pastagames has released a new trailer. The game is expected to be released on PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, PC and other platforms in the fall of 2022. Arkanoid is a well-known mainframe game console developed by TAITO Corporation in 1986. There are … Read more

Goat Simulator 3 will be released this fall and features online multiplayer for 4 goats

On the occasion of Summer Game Fest 2022, Coffee Stain Publishing, Coffee Stain North and Koch Media are proud to announce the long-feared sequel to the global nuisance ‘Goat Simulator’: Goat Simulator 3 Coming exclusively to the Epic Games Store this fall for Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5, as well as for PC. In … Read more

Goat Simulator 3 with multiplayer coming this fall for consoles and PC – Gaming – News

You can think of it yes. I don’t pull too hard this way. What I personally find particularly unfortunate is that digital stores, still, do not work like real stores. So that competition argument that is often used as the reason why we must love the proliferation of digital store fronts is at least from … Read more

Battlestate Games has announced a multiplayer addon for Escape from Tarkov subtitled Arena

Last night, the Russian studio Battlestate Games announced a third-party project for Escape from Tarkov – multiplayer addon called Arena. This is a session arena shooter built entirely on the mechanics of the main game. Players will have to fight on various maps of the city of Tarkov. The fights are arranged by some mysterious … Read more

Amazon Games will publish the new multiplayer license from Disruptive Games – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal today: sport, Senegalese politics, people and miscellaneous facts in Senegal

Technology > Amazon Games will publish the new multiplayer license of Disruptive Games Par Sen360.sn, published on June 3, 2022 at 12:42 PM. The independent American studio Disruptive Games is developing a multi-platform action-adventure online game, playable in cooperation or competition, with the help of Amazon. Led by Eric Ellis, former head of the online … Read more

Speel als Hua Ling in de multiplayer shooter T3 Arena

1/6/22 17:06 | Peter † iPhone | 0 comments A new update is available for the hero shooter T3 Arena, called Glory Begins. A new character is introduced in this update. Hua Ling kills at a distance with her fire bow. She has a number of active and passive abilities, and her ultimate is Whirlwind, … Read more