Elections and positives at Covid: the babel of the Viminale and municipal circulars. “Confusing and not easy to understand rules”

Who turns out positive al Covid between 20 and 25 September you will not be able to vote, unless your municipality of residence has activated to guarantee the right to vote. This is the synthesis of the intricacies circular of the Interior Ministry on the vote of citizens forced to stay at home because they … Read more

PSD appoints municipal coordinator as parliamentary consultant for 4150 euros monthly

The PSD appointed the municipal coordinator and chairman of the Viseu District Political Commission, Pedro Alves, as a consultant to the party’s parliamentary group. According to an order that Expresso had access to, the former deputy will earn 4,150 euros a month. The appointment is already known to some deputies and is causing discomfort in … Read more

Municipal police officers rescue a man who jumped from a bridge into the Daugava. VIDEO

Law enforcement immediately went to the scene by boat. When approaching the bridge, the rescuers noticed a man in the water, who was swimming on top of the water. Responding to the situation, the man was pulled into a boat and brought to the shore, where the victim and the law enforcement officers were met … Read more

The hero has arrived.. Without shame, Ruby will watch you in the municipal dance, which is seriously better than Sama Al-Masry and Dina the dancer.. Follower of my victory Safinaz

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Funny scene this Monday evening in Verviers: the municipal council suspended in full session and in full vote

The session was interrupted in the middle of a vote while the councilors were busy debating a point concerning the City Mall shopping center project. It was councilors Ecolo and PTB, members of the opposition, who had requested the addition of this point, in order to allow a debate between the different political parties, in … Read more

Call for Municipal Scholarships Guanajuato Capital 2022

The municipal government announced the call Municipal Scholarships Guanajuato Capital 2022. This call is addressed to students who are studying the basic level of education in primary and/or secondary, residents of the municipality of Guanajuato, who are of Mexican nationality and who are enrolled in the 2022-2023 school year. Next, we give you all the … Read more

The revenues of the Independent Municipal Fund are 725 billion pounds…Lebanon

Press B – Lebanon watched President Aoun sign the decree distributing it for the year 2020: The revenues of the Independent Municipal Fund are 725 billion pounds, and now see the details. The revenues of the Independent Municipal Fund for the year 2020, which amounted to 725 billion Lebanese pounds, distributed as follows: – First: … Read more

Without Al-Bataa – Shams Al-Kuwaiti, Hattorik, the municipal dance based on its origins

Beirut – Soraya Shaheen – Kuwaiti artist Shams posted a picture of her on Instagram, wearing a long black dress with an opening in the front that revealed her thighs, chiffon sleeves, and nude from the chest area, and commented: “There is nothing worse than being sensitive but afraid to be sure.” Her image was … Read more

Woman claims to have been assaulted by municipal chief medical officer since 2014 – NRK Trøndelag

On Wednesday afternoon came the news that a municipal chief medical officer in a Trønder municipality has been suspended from the position of GP and municipal chief medical officer. He is also charged under Section 295 of the Criminal Code, for abusing his position to obtain sexual intercourse. NRK has information about one of the … Read more

Bag with marijuana and money found in the municipal gym, we investigate

The carabinieri of the San Polo di Piave station have opened an investigation into a mysterious discovery that took place in the morning of today, 22 August, in Ormelle. Unknown people intervened, on the recommendation of a citizen, at the municipal gym in via Capitello della Salute, and found inside the sports facility a bag … Read more