The crew of the minehunter Tajo is vaccinated after the ‘Hesprides case’

The first vaccines arrive at the Cartagena Arsenal. This Thursday the vaccination against the covid-19 of the 63 sailors and members of the reserve personnel that make up the crew of the Tajo mine hunter of the Spanish Navy began, which on February 9 embarks on a NATO mission. The vaccination is being carried out … Read more

Brexit ends the blockade on the connection with the United Kingdom

Brexit has ended the communication blockage with the United Kingdom. Following the collapse that occurred on Christmas Eve, after France closed maritime connections to prevent the spread of the new British strain of the coronavirus, truck traffic through the English Channel has normalized, despite the new customs barriers in force since January 1, according to … Read more

IMIDA develops a free app that offers meteorological data and specific irrigation programs according to plot and crop

This new tool is mainly based on the agrometeorological data sets recorded by the 52 SIAM stations, managed by IMIDA and posted daily on the Regional Open Data Portal of the Autonomous Community. Once registered, the user can consult these variables in real time whenever they want and customize them according to the type of … Read more

TECNOLOGA / Mi 10T Pro, the mobile that democratizes 5G in Spain this Christmas

The new Xiaomi model will increase the market share of 5G this Christmas The latest technological revolution is here to stay. 5G lands to change the world of the Internet as it is known. 2G brought SMS, 3G, the mobile Internet connection, and 4G, broadband and streaming, advances that have been incorporated daily but, until … Read more

Of such a stick, such a splinter: illustrious surnames of sport in Murcia

MURCIA. The proverb, which understands everything, includes that so famous phrase ‘Of such a stick, such a splinter’ that in Murcian sports has a few examples and that refers to illustrious surnames with parents and children having stood out in their activity and some of them with reputed international successes. At UCAM Murcia Basketball Club … Read more

Ten children’s books to give equality at Christmas

“Every time there is more children’s and youth literature that respects the rules of the game of equality “, celebrates from number 27 Calle del Pez Marina Sanmartín, one of the bookstores of Cervantes y Compañía, which recommends ten children’s books to give equality during this Christmas. Although, it recognizes and applauds , there are … Read more

The artist who turned the body into digital information: Solimán López exhibits for the first time in Murcia

MURCIA. For the first time you can see the work of the Burgos artist Solimán López in a gallery in Murcia. Although to be more exact it is about two spaces, Lefkada and He Red point, united spatially and spiritually by the gallery owner Sofia Martinez Hernandez, who is also the commissioner of Human_121, which … Read more

Trump’s pardons – La Opinion de Murcia

The president of the United States, Donald Trump, ready to do evil until the end of his term, has pardoned, among other criminals, four mercenaries convicted by the US Justice of war crimes in Iraq. All four were mercenaries from Blackwater, a company founded in 1997 by a friend of Trump and brother of his … Read more

Gasóleos Sánchez and Murcia, leader in the distribution of diesel at home

/ Marta López / Photos: Ángel Chacón / Nearly 35 years of history support the work of Gasóleos Sánchez y Murcia. More than three decades that guarantee being a leading company in the distribution of diesel at home. But Gasóleos Sánchez y Murcia has not stopped growing and has its sights set on the future … Read more