‘Steker clinic Veldzicht also murdered in Nigeria’ | inland

This is evident from conversations with several employees from the clinic, sources surrounding the investigation into the stabbing drama and other parties involved. The man had come to the Netherlands from Nigeria via Italy. Because he had applied for asylum in Italy, the man would be sent back to that country in accordance with the … Read more

Mystery in Idaho: Four students were murdered at home and there is not a single suspect – World

Four students at the University of Idaho, in the United States of America, were brutally murdered in the early hours of Sunday, November 13th. According to reports in the US press, so far there are no suspects, the murder weapon has not been found and it is not known what motivated the attack. The case … Read more

In Xalapa, Veracruz, the broadcaster Pedro Pablo Kumul is murdered

The Xalapa Police investigate the murder. Photo: Darkroom The reporter y announcer Pedro Pablo Kumul it was murdered Monday afternoon in the streets of the city of Xalapain Veracruz. The homicide was confirmed by AX Multimediacompany for which he worked as journalist from AX News and from station 104.5. The media outlet explained that Cumul … Read more

Myriam, 58, murdered by her husband three months after their wedding:

Many people met this Wednesday at the Diest funeral home to say goodbye to Myriam Nivarlet, this fifty-year-old murdered by her husband three months after their marriage. While the exact facts remain a mystery, the victim was allegedly stabbed with a knife in his sleep. During the ceremony, Myriam’s loved ones recalled her positive impact … Read more

A young Ukrainian refugee was brutally murdered in Italy

This was reported by the Italian publication Corriere Di Bologna. The body of a woman with stab wounds was found in the vicinity of the town of Villa Giulia (province of Pesaro and Urbino). Anastasia’s ex-husband, a 32-year-old Egyptian, is suspected of the murder. The relationship between the two has been strained in recent months. … Read more

The child of a murdered pregnant woman died – VG

PLACE: Danish police on site in Holbæk on Friday. Photo: Thomas Sjørup / NTB A 37-year-old pregnant woman was stabbed to death in Denmark on Thursday last week. The unborn child was hospitalized. Published: Yesterday 15:39 Updated yesterday 16:23 The police received a report about the incident in Samsøvej in Holbæk in Denmark last Thursday … Read more

Daughter (9) of murdered Eva Balogh had a suspicion: ‘Mama was killed by daddy’

In April 2021, the police were already confronted with suspicions from people that Eva Balogh (37) was no longer alive. She sent her children, who were in foster care, one last card on March 4, 2020. “I think mom was killed by dad,” the then 9-year-old daughter told her foster parents. Her father Jan Willem … Read more

Pregnant teenager in Australia murdered after sex appointment: man (68) convicted

Tiffany was last seen leaving a motel in Logan seven years ago, in the summer of 2015, the Australian newspaper reported. ABC News. There she would have agreed with Williams to have paid sex. The two had met on a dating website. Tiffany would have sex with strange men for money to support himself. Among … Read more