RAC musician creates cryptocurrency on Ethereum to eliminate intermediaries in the music industry – BeInCrypto

Winner of a Grammy for Best Mix, André Allen Anjos, better known as RAC, recently announced the launch of his own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency. A Portuguese-American national, RAC currently lives in Portland since through Zora, a market based on cryptocurrencies where goods are traded, launched its $ RAC token built on the blockchain of Ethereum. He […]

Participants of the action in support of Belarusians detained in Moscow :: Society :: RBC

Klimov, in a conversation with RBC, confirmed that he was in the Tverskoy OVD. According to him, the detainees “are simply issued fines.” “The bottom line is that the people who are with me – they write that they drank, smoked in the playground, that is, administrative fines of 500 rubles. There are no things […]

Singer had a tragic death in his car: he performed an Instagram live and was hit by a train | Society

A rising star of Romanian music He died tragically last Saturday, when he was making a live broadcast on Instagram while he was driving with his wife. The couple died at that time, hit by a train, which was captured. It’s about the singer Tavy Pustiu (29), who was doing a live of social networks […]

VIDEO, PHOTO. Musician Aivo Oskis offers a new song and music video

Photo: Elizabeth Ladiga On Wednesday, August 12, in the very heart of Old Riga, in the “Dome Garden”, the singer ran loud and bright Aivo Oska presentation of the new song “From time to time”. It was held with a concert in which not only Aivo himself, but also Didzis Melderis, Katrīna Dimanta, Nikolajs Puzikovs, […]

Algeria: death of musician composer Said Bouchelouche

Algiers – The musician, composer and arranger, Said Bouchelouche died on Saturday evening in Algiers, at the age of 45, following a long illness, his relatives announced on social networks. Very young already when he had integrated the Algerian Muslim Scouts, he began to be interested in music, and learned on his own, as an […]

Musician Ainars Virga asks for help

Latvian rock musician Ainars Virga has published a request for help on Instagram – his bicycle has disappeared. Virga has dedicated several records to the lost record. “PLEASE ANY INFO ABOUT THE LOST BICYCLE !!” writes Virga, asking to share information with friends in Lithuania. Nothing is known about the circumstances of what happened. Ainars […]

Musician Gunārs Meijers faces serious health problems and asks for donations – Celebrities – Apollo.lv – Entertainment

Needs a wide range of medical care, specialized medications and rehabilitation. “We invite everyone who wants to help the artist to make a targeted donation by transfer to the bank account of” Fonda Pikskaņa “or to make a donation through the fund’s online store, by donating or purchasing musician’s album “Tell me”. All donations will […]

A lot of support for sent-away street musician Regilio (10)

The young street musician Regilio from Enkhuizen, who plays on his recorder because of a limited repertoire was sent home by boas, receives many expressions of support. Local residents and shopkeepers had complained about the music of 10-year-old Regilio because they constantly heard the same tune. The boy has since been offered an offer to […]

Musician Gunārs Meijers has faced serious health problems. Invites the public to donate

Gunārs Meijers Photo from Gunārs Meijers album and photo by Daina Kricmane The legend of the Latvian music scene, Gunārs Meijers, the author of 300 self-composed songs, including the song “Meitene”, which has already become a classic, is currently facing serious health problems that significantly affect his quality of life, reports “Fonds līdzskaņa”. Needs a […]

“Maybe the time will come when I will have to sing on the roofs too!” – minds musician Don

Don says that the pandemic time was relatively calm for him and the downtime in his life was conditional – some new songs were also written. “How do I find inspiration for new songs? It can be gained in different ways, both by living in peaceful conditions and by experiencing various events, ”says the musician. […]