The death of Martín Carrizo: in the midst of scenes of deep pain, friends and family gave the musician their last goodbye

On Tuesday, the death of Martin Carrizo, ” class=”com-link” data-reactroot=””> the death of Martin Carrizo, the 50-year-old musician who battled Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), was a heavy blow to the world of music and entertainment, and many references They were pronounced with deep pain. The last goodbye to the musician Martín Carrizo at the Chacarita … Read more

Miley Cyrus in a relationship with musician Maxx Morando

Miley Cyrus has been dating drummer Maxx Morando for some time. Their relationship is now official. More than a year after the end of her affair with Australian singer Cody Simpson, Miley Cyrus has a new man in her life. Based on information reported on January 8, 2022 by AND! News , the 29-year-old singer … Read more

Accusations of a well-known Lithuanian musician: “Lied about age, sexually exploited” | Names

His 15min Justina, who contacted the editorial office on Tuesday, said that the bassist who played with famous bands and performers (name and surname are known to the editorial staff) was sexually and not only exploiting the girls and disappearing after using them. “He hid his age. I am 19 years old and almost 40 … Read more

Sesame Street composer Stephen Lawrence dies – RBK

Society , Jan 03, 12:34 0 Sesame Street composer Stephen Lawrence dies at 83 The reasons for the death of the composer are not reported. For one of the world’s most popular children’s programs, he composed more than 300 compositions and received three Emmy awards. Stephen Lawrence (Photo: Wikipedia) The author of musical compositions for … Read more

what the musician said, how did Yeison Jiménez react

The relationship between Luisa Fernanda W and Pipe Bueno has become a focus of interest for many followers, who saw how the couple shared images of the interior of your new home in Bogotá. For that reason, the artist, who weeks ago described Faustino ‘el Tino’ Asprilla as degenerate, He decided to vent about a … Read more

Aquarium musician detained at the airport and expelled from Russia

The leader of the group “Aquarium” Boris Grebenshchikov said on Monday, at a concert in the 1930 Moscow club, that flutist Brian Finnegan had been detained at the airport. He was not allowed to cross the border. He was forced to spend a day at the airport, after which he was expelled from Russia, reported … Read more

Prigogine disagrees that VTsIOM named Gradsky the Musician of the Year

He questioned the evaluation criteria in the VTsIOM poll. Joseph Prigogine disagreed with the results of the VTsIOM poll. As a reminder, previously the statistical authority named Alexander Gradsky Musician of the Year. “I don’t know by what criteria the so-called hit parade is assessed: by the number of mentions or by the results,” he … Read more

JD Crowe is dead. The musician was an icon of bluegrass music

The information about the musician’s death was confirmed by his son, David. “He was one of the hardest working guys in the music industry. You wouldn’t find anyone nicer among the bluegrass people,” we read on one of the artist’s goodbye pages. JD Crowe was born in Kentucky and has been associated with the local … Read more

Expo about Leonardo da Vinci starts in Waagnatie Antwerp: “In addition to being a painter, also an inventor and musician”

The Christmas holidays will officially start next week, but for those who are already free, and who feel like a trip, the Waagnatie in Antwerp might be an option. Because tomorrow the exhibition “Leonardo da Vinci – Artist – Inventor – Genius” will open there. It not only shows – albeit reproductions – of da … Read more