Berlin lost a dispute with a Muslim teacher over a headscarf

Already in November 2018, the lower court of employment in Berlin ruled in favor of the teacher, according to which a law prohibiting her from appearing in front of pupils with headscarves violates her right to freedom of religion. At that time, the court also awarded the teacher compensation in the amount of 5159 euros … Read more

India Praises RI: The Largest Muslim Country, But In Rupiah There Is A Hindu God Image

The Rp. 20,000 note issued in 1998 itself is no longer valid. This is in accordance with Bank Indonesia Regulation (PBI) Number 10/33 / PBI 2008, which stipulates that the 1998 and 1999 banknotes are no longer valid and December 31, 2018 is the deadline for exchanging the money. .

Young Muslim woman was shaved and savagely beaten for falling in love with a Christian | Chronicle

A 17 year old muslim teenager of Bosnian origin was shaved and brutally beaten this Monday for their relatives, because had a loving relationship with a Christian. The young woman, who lives in the French city of Besançon, and whose name did not transcend, arrived from Bosnia-Herzegovina about two years ago together with her family. … Read more

Jerinx’s wife uploads photos of husbands dressed in Muslim clothes, netizens pray for Istiqamah

Jakarta – Jerinx’s wife, Nora Alexandra, stole the public’s attention. Recently, Nora uploaded a photo of her husband wearing Muslim clothes on Instagram. Nora found this photo on Twitter, Mother. In her upload, the 25-year-old woman just wants to tell everyone that her husband is a good person. “The point is @jrxsid you are a … Read more

The Russian Orthodox Church offered to learn lessons from the prayer in Hagia Sophia and the fire in Nantes :: Society :: RBC

Hagia Sophia Great Mosque, Istanbul (Фото: Chris McGrath / Getty Images) Namaz at the Hagia Sophia in Istanbul and the burning of the cathedral in the French city of Nantes are a blow not only to European civilization, but also to Russian culture. Therefore, the Russians need to learn a lesson from these events, wrote … Read more

Seek Muslim Support, US President Joe Biden Cites the Hadith of the Prophet

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia – Presidential candidate United States of America from the Democratic Party, Joe Biden, quoting hadith Nabi Muhammad S.A.W., in a speech at a virtual conference held by the largest Muslim unity organization in the US, Emgage Action, in order to find support. As reported on Wednesday (7/22), Biden initially invited Muslim voters … Read more