The Mystery of the Strange Star at the Heart of the Andromeda Galaxy Solved

ACEHTREND.COM– Like the Milky Way, the Andromeda galaxy is also a spiral galaxy. However, astronomers noticed that the area near the galactic center filled with stars looked different than it should have been. The orbits of these stars are oddly shaped, oval, like someone stretching out a lump of Silly Putty, a toy made from … Read more

Celine Dion, end of career, mystery around the evil that gnaws at her, prediction by Valérie Lemercier

Terrifyingly thin, Celine Dion worries more and more about her condition. His return to the stage is once again delayed. Her fans are wondering if she will return. ! “Le Soir Mag” and Ici Paris worry about his condition. For the occasion, the premonitory message of Valérie Lemercier on France Inter is exhumed. “No one … Read more

77 Years of Mystery of Anne Frank’s Death, Begins to Reveal Her Hideout Reporter to the Nazis

Historians uncover the man who potentially betrayed Anne Frank and report her hiding place to Nazi Germany. (Source: Gramedia) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Anne Frank’s diary became an important part in history because it tells how she and her family hid from the pursuit of Nazi Germany. The owner’s full name Annelies Marie Frank is a … Read more

World’s oldest petrified flower bud could solve Charles Darwin’s hate mystery

A 130-million-year-old flower bud fossil found in China may solve the ‘hate puzzle’ of Charles Darwin who wondered when and how the first flowering plants evolved. The fossils include leafy twigs, physically attached fruit, and flower buds, indicating that angiosperms existed in the Jurassic period (201.3 million to 145 million years ago). Angiosperms are plants … Read more

Tip – Mini-Quiz Wordle: Five letters make a word

Berlin (dpa / tmn) – If you like Scrabble, you can at least find Wordle not that bad. This online mini quiz is not about forming a word from eight random letters. Rather, a five-letter word always wants to be found. And you only have six tries. Warning: Wordle is only available in English. At … Read more

World’s First Hybrid Animal Mystery Revealed

Jakarta – Humans since ancient times sometimes cross -breed animals to produce hybrid animal. Well, this one finding, according to scientists, is the first hybrid animal developed by humans. As quoted detikINET from New Scientist, as many as 25 animal skeletons were found several years ago in a cemetery complex in Syria. This grave is … Read more

The largest map of the Universe is under construction and aims to unravel the mystery of its destiny

Using the DESI tool, astrophysicists are collecting data on tens of millions of galaxies, a map that will help us understand the fate of the Universe. Crédit : Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory The construction of the largest and most detailed 3D map of the Universe has begun, thanks to a very sophisticated scientific instrument called … Read more

100 Years So A Mystery To Confuse Scientists, Actually What Is This Creature Measuring 6 Meters With Its Own Neck Length Of 3 Meters – All Pages

Dinosaurs – Pictures and Facts (Illustration) Tanystropheus hydroides – Since it was discovered more than 100 years ago, researchers have been quite satisfied with being dizzy. It took a long time to find out what it really was creature this one. Because, fossil what was found had a strange and unusual shape. The most … Read more

Mr. X .. Barcelona raises the mystery about the identity of its new striker

Press reports revealed that Barcelona Club will continue to work to strengthen the offensive line, before the end of the current winter transfer market. The Catalan club, since the beginning of January, seems determined to make up for what happened in the summer, and it began with the registration of Dani Alves and the contract … Read more

Lunar magnetic mystery solved

American scientists, released through years of research, a valid explanation of the magnetic fields possessed by the moon, which in ancient times rivaled the earth. Studies from this experiment were published in the journal Nature Astronomy, and indicate that the moon possesses a kind of field generator courtesy of its own magnetic dynamo. A magnetic … Read more