Was Halle Berry Paid $500,000 For Her Naked Scene In ‘Password: Swordfish’

While today’s actresses use every possible tactic in the business to save themselves nude scenes, in 2001 Halle Berry found a compelling enough reason to go in the opposite direction for a role in the action movie Password: Swordfish. The blockbuster, which recently celebrated 21 years since its premiere, gathers in one story John Travolta, … Read more

Kuwaiti artist “Hind Al Balushi” makes a fuss with her shower scene, while she is semi-naked, and leads the trend • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: Kuwaiti actress Hind Al-Balushi sparked widespread controversy on social media because of a representative scene in the series Set El-Hassan. Some considered his presence at work unjustified. Some of the pioneers of social networking sites described the scene as “nakedness”, and while some attacked it, others went to justify the goal of the … Read more

The new Resident Evil 2 Ada Wong figure is shown wearing a sexy bunny costume. There is also a naked version

Collectibles company TR Studio has unveiled a new figure of Ada Wong from the action-horror series Resident Evil in the “super-serious spy bunny” costume. The figurine will be released in several versions: The first one (made in 1/4 scale) is 53 cm high and costs about $230; The second (made in 1/6 scale) is 36 … Read more

Viral Video Link Allegedly Virtual UiTM Is on TikTok and Instagram? Check the UiTM Virtual Viral Video Download Link here

BOGOR REVIEW – Women studying at UiTM, Maya viral from TikTok because video naked spread. There is link video suspected Maya UiTM boy from Instagram? Many people are looking link Maya UiTM boy viral from TikTok naked available at Instagram. As for video viral Maya The UiTM made a lot of talk on the application … Read more

A photo of Kylie Jenner from years ago is shocking. A spectacular metamorphosis is visible to the naked eye

However, let’s go back to the time when the career of a celebrity began. When the Kardashian family suddenly became famous, after the reality show with their participation began, Kylie dressed completely differently. On the walls, she usually posed in short dresses with a fitted cut, which at the time did not arouse such sensations … Read more

Virtual Viral Video Link of UiTM Boy Without Clothing No Censor Is Circulating, Is There a Viral Video Similar to Virtual UiTM on Yandex?

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United legend on trial. Giggs allegedly beat his girlfriend, blackmailed her with erotic photos and dragged her around the hotel naked

During Tuesday’s hearing, a 105-minute recording of the police interrogation of Giggs’ former partner Kate Greville was played. Law enforcement questioned the woman in 2020 after police arrested Gigge on charges of assaulting Greville and her sister Emma. During the interrogation, it was heard that the former footballer should have thrown the woman naked into … Read more

Memo Remigi naked in front of Mara Maionchi, the reason is paradoxical

What is the singer Memo Remigi doing with Mara Maionchi and why is he completely naked? When you find out why, you can’t help but smile Yes, you read that correctly. The singer, composer and conductor Memo Remigi showed up naked in front of Mara Maionchi. Born on May 27, 1938 in Erba, in the … Read more

The honeymoon continues. Naked Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck in tears!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck (49) said yes two weeks ago and are currently enjoying their honeymoon in Europe. The couple gets to know metropolises, enjoy specialties in restaurants and enjoy each other in luxury hotels. The newlyweds celebrated the singer’s 53rd birthday together. Ben and Jennifer went for a romantic dinner at La Girafe … Read more