“Never finds a girlfriend” – Nasty billing after TV-Aus!

“The farmer is looking for a woman” candidate is now looking for a new woman again, but if the viewers have their way, this search could take a while. On the official account of the RTL show, some fans found clear words for the 30-year-old: Mike cannot be understood. Cathrin approached him openly and meant … Read more

There is a new suspect in the nasty red kebaya video case, a student from Bali – Solopos.com

SOLOPOS.COM – Screenshot of the red kebaya video. (Youtube Ebow Vlog) Solopos.com,  SURABAYA — Ditreskrimsus Polda East Java arrested a woman with the initials CZ who was strongly suspected of being involved in making a red kebaya porn video. The student who now lives in Sidoarjo Regency was born in Denpasar, Bali. Student who also … Read more

After Police Examined, 2 Health Center Employees Allegedly Perverted Returned

Jakarta – Two alleged officers do lewd at Kaliwedi Health Center, Cirebon regencyWest Java, was immediately sent home after being questioned by the police. Kapolsek Kaliwedi AKP Ahmad Nashori said the alleged lewd case involving two officers at the puskesmas was still under investigation. The status of both of them is still limited as witnesses … Read more

On video, how András Stohl falls in a live broadcast the size of an old door – this is how he remembers the nasty burn

“Bandi, one and a half million people are watching you fall on your face” – according to András, this is what he thought at that moment. „We love live shows for moments like these” – Nóra Ördög tried to ease the pain with this beautiful save A Star Is Born in his live show, when … Read more

Małgorzata Rozenek dances in “Dzień dobry TVN”. Nasty Comments – o2

Małgorzata Rozenek, although she has been in the media for a long time, has been trying to convince the production of “Dzień dobry TVN” for a long time that she should be the leader. It had been her dream for years – to host a live program. The boss of all bosses herself negotiated with … Read more

Price ceilings have a nasty price tag

Economist Bas Jacobs is critical of the price ceilings that the cabinet has set for electricity and gas. Because the energy demand is partially subsidized, the government is increasing the demand for it, while the opposite should happen. To everyone’s surprise, the Rutte-IV cabinet agreed on Budget Day with the introduction of price ceilings for … Read more

Skidipapap Tourist Couple on the Beach, Only Sentenced to a Fine of IDR 1.8 Million

Atlantic – A pair of tourists was caught being skidipapap aka have sex on the coast of Colombia. They were also sentenced to a fine of around US$ 120 (equivalent to Rp. 1.8 million). The tourist couple was clearly seen having sex on the coast of Puerto Colombia in Atlantico province, Colombia. The action of … Read more

Famous singer publicly nasty Alla Pugacheva

The former soloist of the duet “Tea for Two” Stas Kostyushkin could not restrain his emotions in a conversation with Primadonna. According to the artist, that conversation had far-reaching consequences. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: 73-year-old singer Alla Pugacheva has always been known for her violent temper. The performer of the hit “Million Scarlet … Read more

Revealed a nasty video of a couple wearing Balinese traditional clothes for the thrill of the female lead

Bali – The couple’s initials DHNL (26) and MM (28) were revealed as actors nasty video with Balinese traditional dress. The police said the video was intentionally posted by the female lead for the sake of sensation. Reported secondsBali, DHNL (26) is a woman from Bogor. DHNL intentionally posted the nasty video with the approval … Read more