PSSI Chooses to Wait for FIFA and AFC about the Indonesian U-23 National Team Cannot Raise the Red and White Flag, Greater Indonesia Is Confirmed To Recall

MUHAMMAD ALIF AZIZ MARDIANSYAH/BOLASPORT.COM The General Chairperson of PSSI, Mochamad Iriawan, and his staff were visiting the Kemenpora and were greeted by the Minister of Youth and Sports of the Republic of Indonesia, Zainudin Amali. BOLASPORT.COM – PSSI admitted that he had not received an official letter from FIFA or the AFC regarding the ban … Read more

Young man played the National Anthem on TikTok, caused debate in networks: VIDEO

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 15.09.2021 07:38:51 It was a year ago when a video viral in which a young woman decided to ‘perrear’ nothing more and nothing less than to the rhythm of the Mexican National Anthem, caused a large number of reactions among users and a heated debate around national symbols that blew … Read more

Who is Sergio Torres, the Santa Fe who sang the Anthem – Siempre Juntos

Sergio Torres performed the stanzas of the National Anthem on Thursday night in the preview of what was the clash between Argentina and Bolivia for the Qualifiers towards the World Cup in Qatar. The 55-year-old artist has a vast career in the world of cumbia in Santa Fe and was the first from Santa Fe … Read more

Project seeks to sanction those who make fun of the anthem, shield or flag

The independent senator for the Maule region, Juan Castro Prieto, presented a bill on Wednesday morning that seeks to sanction those who make mockery or contempt of the flag, the anthem and the national emblem, all this, after that in the first session of the Constitutional Convention “the national identity of Chile was attacked.” The … Read more

England will have a disciplinary after losing the final. UEFA has opened proceedings for violence

The European Football Union (UEFA) has initiated disciplinary proceedings against the English Football Association after Sunday’s European Championship final. According to UEFA, the English fans committed several transgressions in the London match with Italy: breaking into the field, throwing objects, lighting flares and inappropriate behavior during the opponent’s anthem. At the same time, the management … Read more

Before the European Championship finals, Southgate urged fans not to roar at the Italian anthem

Before today’s final of the European Championship with Italy at Wembley, the coach of English footballers Gareth Southgate called on the fans not to roar at the opponent’s anthem. According to him, it motivates and arouses the opponent even more. Supporters at the London stadium regularly disturbed the anthems of their opponents during the championship, … Read more