Jerk! Erick Thohir Revealed The National Team Was Paid To Lose

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (BUMN) Erick Thohir who is currently running for the general chairmanship of PSSI. According to him, there is a lot that must be fixed in PSSI’s body at this time. “PSSI has a lot of theory, this is like this, I have repeatedly needed the guts to … Read more

Club World Cup opener: Cairo national team advances to Chinese referee law enforcement to create history – Teller Report

Original title: Cairo national team advanced to the opening match of the Club World Cup Xinhua News Agency, Rabat, February 1. In the opening match of the 2022 Morocco World Cup on February 1, the Cairo Nationals of Egypt defeated the New Zealand team Auckland City 3-0 to advance to the second round. Chinese referee … Read more

Moisturize your hair with an ingredient you usually have in the kitchen

Psplit ends, dry scalp, breakage, dandruff. These are clear signs that your hair is in desperate need of attention and care. Read too: Help, the hair keeps falling out. Will cutting it help? Hair, especially colored hair, requires care and a few tricks up your sleeve to keep it enviably hydrated and beautiful. In addition … Read more

They create a model to study the movement of the planets

Researchers proposed a model of the Sun in the form of a small crystal ball. This invention can help model space events in laboratories. This crystal ball is barely three centimeters in diameter. Despite its size, simulates the key forces surrounding giant planets and stars. Specialists can obtain crucial data on the formation and behavior … Read more

Official statement from the operator of the National Stadium. Important words before the match of the National Team of Poland

In November last year, the Polish national team was supposed to play a friendly match against Chile at the National Stadium. Then it turned out that the building had a damaged roof. It was originally supposed to be reopened after two weeks, but this has not happened to date. See the video Krzynówek pointed out … Read more

National Agency for Public Health

An ANSP delegation attends the sixth meeting of CDC and PIVI partners on the development of the influenza vaccination program The director of the National Agency for Public Health (ANSP), Nicolae Jelamschi, together with specialists from the institution, participates in the sixth meeting of CDC and PIVI partners on the development of the influenza vaccination … Read more

Who were the 8 victims of the tragedy on Route 41 that connects La Serena with Vicuña? | National

During this day, and in the midst of deep pain, relatives and friends of the deceased will say their last goodbye to those who lost their lives in the tragic collision registered this Sunday on the road to Vicuña. Sadness and impact has generated the fatal traffic accident registered in the Ruta 41, that a … Read more

THE BALL – Benfica’s likely eleven in Arouca (Liga)

Cold night in Arouca. This is certainly what awaits Benfica in today’s trip, at 21.15 hours, to the village in the district of Aveiro, located in Serra da Freita. The estimated temperature for the game time points to three degrees, but it is quite possible that the thermal sensation is much lower. A freezing night… … Read more

Samiksha UK’s first All UK National Doubles Badminton Tournament

The regional matches of the inaugural All UK National Doubles Badminton Tournament, held in conjunction with Samiksha UK’s 6th National Conference, kick off in Kettering on Saturday 4th February. The match will be held at the Kettering Arena Sports Center from 9 am to 6 pm. The organizers informed that the participating teams should complete … Read more