SEA Games 2021: Vietnamese media ridicule the Indonesian U-23 National Team which has not been strengthened by Elkan Baggott against the Myanmar U-23 National Team: Okezone Bola

MEDIA Vietnamese, The Thao 247, teasing Indonesian National Team U-23 which has not been strengthened Elkan Baggott when meeting the Myanmar U-23 National Team in the final match of Group A SEA Games 2021, Sunday (15/5/2022) afternoon WIB. The Thao 247 assessed that the absence of Elkan Baggott was a loss for the U-23 Indonesian … Read more

Roch Voisine’s spouse poses with her lover’s sons for National In-laws Day

Myriam Chantal, the spouse of Roch Voisine, shared on her social networks a photo of her in the company of the sons of her lover, Kilian and Alix-Élouan, as part of the National Day of the in-laws. « Delicate and difficult role, which requires a great capacity for adaptation, but oh so rewarding when your … Read more

National Coordinator wants research into discrimination in healthcare

Consequences of the stress of discrimination According to Pharos researcher Tessa van Loenen, one of the consequences of discrimination in healthcare is that it makes people even sicker. “The stress that discrimination produces can cause additional physical complaints such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease and elevated blood pressure. This makes care even sicker.” Baldewsingh responds: “The … Read more

Nequi Bancolombia transfers appropriations: Transfers from Bancolombia to Nequi will not be available | National

In the last days clients of Bancolombia have expressed inconveniences when carrying out transfers to accounts Nequiwhich are unsuccessful. Since Friday, May 13, users reported the failures of the banking entities, who confirmed that payments cannot be made from accounts Bancolombia to accounts Nequi. “We are presenting drawbacks with our system. We are working to … Read more

Warsaw. The murder of a man in the New World. Ziobro announces the supervision of the National Prosecutor’s Office

Experienced prosecutors from the National Public Prosecutor’s Office are to take over the supervision of the ongoing proceedings concerning the death of a man in Nowy Świat. Zbigniew Ziobro, the prosecutor general, announced the decision on Saturday in RMF FM. The murder took place on Saturday night in Nowy Świat. The perpetrators have not yet … Read more

The 12 wonders of Chile: review the great works of engineering created in our country | National

Despite being a highly seismic country, innovation and talent have allowed Chile to overcome challenges to have great engineering works, such as two of the tallest buildings in South America, one of the longest tunnels in Latin America, reservoirs, highways, modern renewable energy plants and even the future largest telescope in the world. Every May … Read more

3 Facts about the Lunar Eclipse to be Witnessed in Several Countries : National Okezone

JAKARTA – The lunar eclipse will take place today until May 16, 2022, this phenomenon can be witnessed directly by the inhabitants of the Earth. A number of countries will witness firsthand, but not with Indonesia. The Center for Space Science of the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN) in an official statement said, the … Read more

Season closing concert of the Latvian National Symphony Orchestra / LR3 / / Latvijas Radio 3

On Friday, May 13, the conductor of the 96th concert season in the Grand Guild Andra Pogas chaired the conclusion Latvian National Symphony Orchestra. There was also a guest on the special concert program – together with the LNSO, the world-renowned young French cellist took the stage. Edgars Morooffering listeners a cello concerto composed by … Read more

SEA Games 2022 Futsal Standings, Indonesian National Team at the Top After Winning 6-0 over Myanmar

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The Indonesian Futsal National Team has again succeeded in showing its fangs in the event SEA Games 2022. Is known, Indonesian National team face Myanmar in the second match of the SEA Games. Unmitigated, Evan et al are silent Myanmar 6-0 on Saturday (14/5/2022). Evan Soumilena scored two goals. Then five other goals … Read more