5 Ways to Get Rid of Annoying Phlegm Naturally

Jakarta, berazamcom – The presence of phlegm in the throat is very disturbing. Follow a few simple ways to get rid of phlegm naturally. Phlegm is actually a thick discharge or mucus that hangs at the back of the throat. Phlegm generally feels bothersome when the body is sick. However, not only when the body … Read more

Control it in the blood .. 5 foods that lower sugar naturally

Choosing the right diet is essential when living with diabetes, and a plant-based diet is said to reduce the risk of many health conditions, including type 2 diabetes, and the following report provides some healthy foods that you can include in your diet. Vegan Diabetes Manage blood sugar and improve health, according to the newspaper … Read more

Foods that lower blood pressure naturally

Foods that lower blood pressure naturally. High blood pressure is a very common disease. It is a constant state of high blood pressure, even at rest. Very dangerous, it is among the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Hypertension therapy is the responsibility of the attending physician. Nevertheless, diet also plays a fundamental role in … Read more

WHO warns that Covid-19 will be able to spread naturally if they reduce health control

The Director of Emergencies of the World Health Organization (WHO), Mike Ryan, alerted this Wednesday that the Covid-19 It will probably not have a second natural wave, but will continue in a sustained way as soon as a society weakens the pressure by reducing control and prevention. “I would say there is no second wave … Read more

Lower blood pressure naturally: home remedies for high blood pressure

Around 35 million people in Germany suffer from high blood pressure, according to the German Hypertension League. However, medication is not always absolutely necessary for treatment. Some foods can naturally lower blood pressure. Beetroot juice and hibiscus tea are among the best home remedies. An English study of 14 volunteers showed that consuming half a … Read more