Hitler’s Story of Building a Destroyed German Economy after the War All

KOMPAS.com – Who doesn’t know Adolf Hitler. He is a politician German and Chairman of the Austrian-born Nazi Party that dragged Germany into World War II (WWII). Although known as the dictator of Germany, the title leader and chancellor, Hitler can be said to be quite successful in winning the hearts of the German people, … Read more

Why is Palestine Willing to Accept Jewish Refugees Expelled by Adolf Hitler? This is the answer

loading… Illegal Jewish immigrants from Europe are seen on board the Exodus ship in the port of Haifa in this March 22, 1947 file photo released by the Press Office of the Government of Israel (GPO) and obtained by Reuters on June 18, 2018. Photo/GPO/Frank Shershel/REUTERS WEST BANK – The Holocaust was a major and … Read more

Rinkevich: Russia is as dangerous to Europe as Nazi Germany was in the last century

“We must not submit to him [Putina] blackmail and we have to support Ukraine as much as we can,” says the minister. #Putin announced “partial” mobilisation and annexation of parts of #Ukraine. We must not give in to his blackmail and support Ukraine as much as we can. #Russia is as dangerous to Europe and … Read more

Scandal in Milan: Dinamo Zagreb supporters march through the streets giving the Nazi salute

AC Milan hosted DINamo Zagreb for the Champions League preview this Wednesday. If on the ground, the Croats did not make the weight, it is especially their supporters who created a real scandal in the streets of the Italian city. Prior to the game, Zagreb fans marched in Nazi salutes in the fashion capital. They … Read more

Clashes in the stands and a “Nazi salute” in Marseille (video)

Violent confrontations between fans of Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany, and Olympique Marseille, France, before the Champions League match. This is what the Frankfurt fans did. Clashes in the stands and a “Nazi salute” in Marseille Violent confrontations erupted between the fans of Eintracht Frankfurt, Germany, and Olympique Marseille, France, before the two teams met in the … Read more

The Sweden Democrats: – Profile is accused of being a Nazi figure

The Sweden Democrats (SD) look set to be the election’s big winner in Sweden, and the country’s second largest party. The anti-immigration party has previously been criticized for its neo-Nazi and right-wing radical roots, from which the party has now distanced itself. Party leader Jimmie Åkesson told Dagbladet at the weekend that the party has … Read more

Poland Accused of Eyeing More Czech Neighboring Territory

loading… Polish soldiers build a fence on the border between Poland and Belarus near the village of Nomiki, Poland, August 26, 2021. Photo/REUTERS/Kacper Pempel WARSAW – The Polish government is accused of intensifying efforts to redraw the country’s borders with the Czech Republic in a way that is more favorable to Warsaw. The allegation was … Read more

The election in Sweden: – After the Nazi scandal: Demands Putin’s answer

Just over a week before election night, the SD and party leader lie Jimmie Åkesson is ready to make a snap election. During a press conference on Friday morning, Defense Minister Peter Hultqvist (S) asks that the Sweden Democrats (SD) explain the alleged links to Russia. – The question that is now being asked is … Read more

The Darkest Files: Uncovering True Nazi Crimes

Paintbucket Games works with Nazi crimes that actually happened in this emotional game. Frankfurt, 1956: The Attorney General Fritz Bauer will Nazi crimes enlighten and sets up a special unit of young, impartial prosecutors a. That’s behind “The Darkest Files”the new historical detective game from the Berlin indie studio Paintbucket Games. The game is considered … Read more

130 Ukrainian Neo Nazi Soldiers Killed by Russian Missiles

Monday, August 29, 2022 – 19:20 WIB VIVA – Base of the Neo-Nazi forces Ukraine back to being a target for high-precision missiles military Russia. The Red Bear Fleet bombards the Azov and Aidar Battalion camps located in Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (Province) Ukraine, Monday 29 August 2022. The Russian Ministry of Defense confirmed the attack on … Read more