A BETTER FOR THE FUTURE – Dejounte Murray Spreads His Wings – NBA – Basketball

Like a thunderclap on the ground, the rumors of the teams exploring the possibility of Dejounte Murray’s trade have been less than a week, and the transaction value has reached a high point overnight. Leaving the beloved city of San Antonio. And what is about to meet him is a young eagle that is getting … Read more

“Jazz” chose a new manager. a coach who will become unique in the NBA

The Utah Jazz team of the National Basketball Association (NBA) has chosen a new head coach. It will become Willas Hardywho until now worked as an assistant for the Boston Celtics. The 34-year-old strategist has gained confidence and will sign a five-year contract. He will become the youngest head of an NBA club at the … Read more

Determined to rebuild?Why the Spurs Traded Dejounte Murray – NBA – Basketball

At 6/30 Taiwan time, the San Antonio Spurs and the Atlanta Hawks reached an agreement. The Spurs sent star guard Dejounte Murray in exchange for forward Danilo Gallinari and multiple future first-round draft picks. The detailed package is as follows: The Atlanta Hawks are trading Danilo Gallinari and multiple first-round picks to the San Antonio … Read more

“Underrated and hated”: why is D.Sirvydis not interested in the national team and Lithuanian clubs?

The situation of promising basketball player David Sirvydis, who recently celebrated his 22nd birthday, is shrouded in fog. The 37th pick of the 2019 NBA draft managed to play 20 games in the strongest league on the planet while wearing the jersey of the Detroit Pistons. Last season he migrated between the NBA and G … Read more

Krmenčík was greeted by crowds at the airport. Then he entertained with broken English

Last week he completed his transfer to Jakarta, Indonesia, and now he has arrived in the capital of Indonesia. Michael Krmenčík was greeted at the airport by hundreds of fans, in the subsequent interview for the club he entertained with very broken English. Similar to Kúdela last week, Krmenčík was greeted at the airport the … Read more

The NBA’s worst shooter for a billion a year. Why the Lakers need to get rid of Westbrook

<!—-> The 33-year-old American has a really generous contract in front of him for the last year. During the following season, he will earn more than 47 million dollars (approximately 1.1 billion crowns). Only reigning champion Stephen Curry of Golden State and perennially injured John Wall, new addition to the LA Clippers, await a bigger … Read more

Niantic, NBA and NBPA team up for NBA ALL-WORLD

(June 29, 2022, Taipei) Niantic announced today that it has partnered with the National Basketball Association (NBA) and the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) to create a new real-world mobile game: NBA All-World. “NBA All-World” is a game that puts NBA fans in the original universe of the real world and is unique in the … Read more

No. 12 pick to challenge fate: Former Samsung high school student Jalen Williams – NBA – Basketball

The 12th pick has been a cursed pick for years, the only lottery pick that hasn’t produced an All-Star in 30 years, with the most accomplished ones being Thaddeus Young (2007) and Steven Adams (2013). With the No. 12 pick this year, the Thunder drafted Jalen Williams, who was still relatively unknown a few months … Read more

She lost, yet she is a heroine. A tennis player on the court helped the collapsed feeder

The first round of Wimbledon brought a beautiful gesture. During the game, British tennis player Jodie Burrage hurried to help the ball feeder, who felt sick on the court. And the spectators also gave a helping hand, who sent the boys a quick snack. The British eventually lost the interrupted match. Burrage, who was successful … Read more

After Pokémon Go, another masterpiece NBA All World singled out the street players | Toronto | Canadian Chinese News Network

[Sing Tao comprehensive report] Pokémon Gogame developerNianticAnother new game announced——Entering the world of sports for the first time.It is calledNBA All World, as players expect, it’s a location-based game that also has augmented reality elements.The developer describes it as 「NBAA metaverse where lifestyles merge with the real world.” You might be wondering how exactly this … Read more