Sophia’s only son Rotaru urgently needed a good doctor: “Suddenly appeared …”

With the son of a famous Ukrainian singer Sofia Rotaru, Ruslan Evdokimenko, there was an emergency on the road The artist’s son, who runs the Villa Sofia hotel, Ruslan Evdokimenko, showed the relevant footage on his Instagram page, reports So, Rotaru’s son testified that while driving, he noticed that a crack suddenly appeared on … Read more

“Community Medicine is needed against pandemics”: the new specialization at the University of Bari is underway

Medicine from a different perspective. We constantly work online, we ask ourselves about the needs of the territory, we take care of the organizational aspects and at the same time we are at the forefront. At the beginning of February, at the University of Bari, the specialization school in community medicine and primary care began, … Read more

Georgi Markov: Boyko called me that he needed me. I agreed! | | News from Bulgaria and the World

Former constitutional judge and current GERB MP Georgi Markov has changed his mind and will again be on the party’s lists for the April 4th vote. This became clear from his post on Facebook. Here is what Markov wrote “Boyko called me. He said that I needed to be on the GERB lists. A friend … Read more

At least BGN 3,500 is needed to emigrate to England after Brexit

Pay a visa, health care fee, ask for alimony in a bank account or sponsor Getting a job in the UK is becoming a major challenge for European citizens after the country leaves the EU. Although social media is full of messages about people looking for English farms, social homes and courier companies, the chances … Read more

“We needed a win. Record 654 appearances? The most important thing is that I don’t get there by crawling, but jumping. Inter is not a surprise, they are at least at our level.”

Gigi Buffon spoke to Sky after the match against Crotone: Was this the answer that Juventus had to give? “Surely we needed a victory, then the way and the way is not predictable. In the first half hour we did pretty well, also encountering some difficulties. The important thing in the 90-minute races is to … Read more

Fantastic Milan-Inter derby, superpowers are needed

Pioli and Conte play half the championship. Ibra and Lukaku, an infinite duel. Calhanoglu and Eriksen must unleash the giants in front. And who runs the most between Hernandez and Hakimi? Speaking of a 1971 derby, Gianni Brera told of an English colleague who marveled at the San Siro civilization and growled: “Brutt demòni, where … Read more

two doses of vaccine and not one will be needed for people who have contracted Covid-19

During a meeting of the Superior Health Council this Thursday evening, the Vaccination Taskforce decided that people who have contracted Covid-19 should be vaccinated two doses (for the vaccines concerned) and not just one. This decision was expected following the French proposal French High Authority for Health (HAS). In a notice published this Friday, February … Read more

Rapid investments needed to achieve 2030 Climate Agreement targets | NOW

Some goals of the 2030 Climate Agreement are already in danger if investments are not made quickly in the Dutch power grid, writes NRC based on a report from research bureau CE Delft. One of the goals of the Climate Agreement is for industrial companies to produce cleaner. For example, by switching to electric boilers … Read more

CFE Law reform is a bad idea at a bad time, money is needed: Jonathan Heath

The deputy governor of the Bank of Mexico highlighted the importance of promoting private and public sector investments, for which he considered the reform of the Electricity Industry Law that will benefit the CFE as a bad idea. SEE MORE The reform of the Electricity Industry Law will have a high cost for consumers: specialists … Read more