Online shop scammers are inadequate: ‘digital ME needed’

Partly due to the corona crisis, the number of reports of purchase and sale fraud increased by 37 percent this year compared to last year, according to figures from the police. This concerns all types of fraud, so in addition to fraudulent web shops also fraud on Marktplaats. According to other stakeholders, the problem is … Read more

“Overall positive season, even if the final is missing. The group needed the Europa League”

In view of the final of Europa League who will put his Inter in front of Seville, Antonio Conte speak to of his first season on the Nerazzurri bench, drawing up a partial balance before the match that could give him the first continental title since he was coach: “We still have to sum … Read more

Diet, of course. Exercise, sure. But there may be a third thing needed to stay healthy

Most of us know that to be healthy we must eat well and exercise. But focusing on just these two things may not be enough, according to a theory that has been in-depth (and tested) since journalist and anthropologist Scott Carney nel suo recente libro “What Doesn’t Kill Us: How Freezing Water, Extreme Altitude, and … Read more

Experte: “Encourage van Linde Merckpoel to puncture the pink cloud, psychological counseling also needed for pregnant women”

“I’ve really been mourning what I might have to give up. I feel like a carrier, actually. A receptacle. When I look in the mirror, I don’t recognize myself,” admits Merckpoel. The extra pounds are hard on her and then there is her freedom. “I like to work (I work a lot), I like to … Read more

Blood bank: more plasma needed from ex-corona patients

Friday, 14 August 2020, 9:33 AM Sanquin blood bank has collected a large amount of blood plasma for a new corona drug. Ten thousand donors have already registered, but plasma from thousands of others is still needed from people who have had corona. Their plasma contains antibodies that can be used for the drug. Merlijn … Read more

COVID-19 and obesity: “awareness” is needed | Coronavirus

Does the British study confirm what we already knew? [La COVID-19] is a virus that strikes everyone, but does not have catastrophic effects on everyone. Some of the predisposing diseases, which make a person more vulnerable to a viral attack, are hypertension, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and obesity. But the data published in Italy, … Read more

IL BORSINO DEL CALCIOMERCATO – Osimhen super-hit, but now supplies are needed: already 30 items in pink!

its Tuttonapoli the purse of the transfer market‘, as for more than 12 years, to summarize all incoming and outgoing movements and accompany you this summer. by Antonio Gaito – The Naples summer market opens with the most expensive blow in the history of Italy. Yesterday the Neapolitan club made the purchase of Victor Osimhen, … Read more

Distance learning, Turi (Uil Scuola): “This is not the case, guidelines are not needed. It is necessary to regulate it with bargaining” [INTERVISTA]

Unions do not like guidelines on distance learning. Indeed, the trade unions have asked for a postponement for further study. A Horizon School the Secretary General of the Uil School, Pino Turi, intervenes: “Talking about distance learning today is misleading, a wrong message. How does the school start up again? Rather, confusion reigns. Distance learning … Read more

Smartwings have the ratings needed for a state-guaranteed loan

The rating from EGAP, which indicates the reliability of the company as a debtor, was published for Smartwings at the lower end of the scale, in a band marked as “highly speculative”. The airline can thus achieve a guarantee of 70 percent of the principal, write LN. If the evaluators ranked the company only one … Read more