Are mineral and vitamin supplements needed? – healing practice

Do you need nutritional supplements? The supply of Vitamins and minerals is vital to us. Some people take dietary supplements in order to stock up sufficiently. But are such preparations really necessary? No question: vitamins and minerals are important to us. But the truth is, dietary supplements have no proven benefit for healthy people who … Read more

Nosebleed|Frequent nosebleed equals cancer?The doctor revealed that he did one wrong step to stop the nosebleed and needed first aid (with hemostasis method) | Headline Daily

Is frequent nosebleed equal to cancer?The doctor revealed that he did one wrong step to stop the nosebleed and needed first aid In winter, the weather is dry, the air humidity is low, coupled with the use of heaters, the nasal mucosa is dry and the blood vessels in the nose become fragile, which is … Read more

Rheinmetall company ready to supply 139 Leopards if needed – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, JAN 24 – German arms group Rheinmetall could deliver a total of 139 Type 1 and Type 2 Leopard tanks. Its spokesman told the RND editorial network as Berlin still debates whether to transfer to Ukraine the tanks. “We still have 22 Leopard 2A4 vehicles that we could prepare for use,” he … Read more

Sofio Gelashvili broke up with the father of her second child: “After this relationship, I needed help” | Names

S. Gelashvili has been away from the public for some time, so she rarely gives interviews. In 2020, after the official end of her first marriage with sports coach Dominykas Niūniavas, with whom she had a daughter, Emanueles Valerijos, Sofio began to protect her personal life much more. True, at the end of 2020, S. … Read more

Office construction continues, new functionality will be needed :: Dienas Bizness

The real estate sector is one of those economic indicators that provide timely and generally accurate information about the mood in the business environment and the level of confidence in future development. This is evidenced by the volume of investments in new real estate projects, demand and supply trends, and price dynamics. The past three … Read more

War in Ukraine. CNN reporter near Bakhmut. He checked what weapons the Ukrainians needed

CNN reporter Ben Wedeman was in the Bakhmut area where the heaviest fighting is taking place. He checked what weapons the Ukrainians need and how they use them in practice when fighting the Russian army. Fighting in the Ukrainian-Russian war, the British Ministry of Defense said on Saturday, is currently concentrated in three sectors – … Read more

Deaths, illness, arrests, lost passports – so many Finns abroad needed help last year

More people contacted the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Finnish embassies and consulates abroad for advice last year compared to the year before. Travel has started and the demand for advisory services has increased, according to a compilation published by the ministry. The most common travel destinations for Finns are Spain, Estonia, Germany, Thailand … Read more

Fewer antibiotics needed for patient with complex appendicitis

This is the conclusion of a study by the Erasmus MC Department of Surgery that was published in the scientific journal The Lancet. The researchers hope that the proven method will be followed internationally. Big problem “Antibiotic resistance is a major problem worldwide,” say the three principal researchers, Prof. Bas Wijnhoven, Elisabeth de Wijkerslooth and … Read more

‘Nuclear bomb needed’: Mossad as shadow: Iran-Israel, non-stop blood game

There is a war going on in the world without much notice. Occasional bomb blasts, assassinations, bloody operations by spy agencies… It’s more of a fight between spy agencies than military intervention. It cannot be called a cold war. It is not cold but very hot in this blood game. This war is between Iran … Read more