M.Brazys will take over the helm of “Neptune” | Krepsinis.net

Klaipeda “Neptune” team says goodbye to Dainius Adomaitis, who will move to Japan. According to Krepsinis.net, the port city club has decided not to look far and will trust the team Mindaugui Brazilwho was an assistant to D. Adomaitis. For a 39-year-old Kaunas resident, this will be his debut. in the role of coach – … Read more

Uranus vs Neptune, color mystery solved – Sciencetimes

Although Uranus and Neptune are similar planets in many ways, they show distinctly different colors, and have long been a mystery to astronomers. Recent research has finally been able to explain why these two planets have different colors. An international research team led by Professor Patrick Irwin of Planetary Physics at Oxford University explained the … Read more

The full strawberry moon makes strong astral aspects with Neptune and Saturn. Morgana Girl Effect! What is an illusion in your life?

On Tuesday, June 14, 2022, the full strawberry moon in Sagittarius squared with the dreamer Neptune and the sextile with the serious Saturn. The question at this point is, “What is an illusion?” What’s real? ” The face of Morgana is a mirage that takes place above the horizon, seen at sea, in the polar … Read more

Scientists solve the mystery of the difference between the two planets Uranus and Neptune in the solar system

Jeddah – Nermin Al-Sayed – An English study was conducted recently to explain the differences in the appearance of Uranus and Neptune, as the two farthest planets in the solar system have similar masses, sizes and atmospheric compositions, yet Neptune appears bluer than its neighbor Uranus. Sky News Arabia confirmed, in a report, that there … Read more

A new discovery reveals the reason for the different colors of Uranus and Neptune

NASA’s Voyager 2 spacecraft captured these views of Uranus (left) and Neptune (right) during planet flybys in the 1980s. Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/B. Johnson Observations from the Gemini Observatory and other telescopes show excessive haze[{“ attribute=““>Uranus makes it paler than <span class="glossaryLink" aria-describedby="tt" data-cmtooltip=" Neptune Neptune is the farthest planet from the sun. In our solar system, … Read more

Why do Uranus and Neptune have different colors? This is the cause

Universe Today Astronomers may now understand why planets like Uranus and Neptune have different colors through their latest study. Nationalgeographic.co.id—By now, astronomers may have understood why planets Uranus and Neptune have many similarities, but have different colors. Using observations from the Gemini North telescope, NASA’s Near-Infrared Integral Field Spectrometer (NIFS), and the Hubble Space Telescope, … Read more

Types of Planets in His Big Family

Jakarta – After the sun was formed, planet-planet then formed from the rest of the gas and dust that formed the Sun. Although each planet is unique, there are planets in the Solar System that have similarities and we can make groupings based on their composition. In the Solar System, we generally know the terrestrial … Read more

Why is the planet Neptune called the troublemaker? Turns out this is the reason

PIXABAY/CharlVera The planet Neptune is nicknamed the trouble maker. Bobo.id – So far, various planets have unique nicknames by humans. Like Earth which is dubbed the blue planet, Jupiter is dubbed the King of the Planets to Planet Mars, which is dubbed the Morning Star. There is a planet that has a unique nickname, namely … Read more

‘Senran Nin Ninja Wars Neptune -Girls’ Fragrance-‘, PS4 and Nintendo Switch Korean Version Released

(Export News Correspondent Kim Su-jeong) ‘Senran Nin Ninja Wars Neptune -Girls’ Scent -‘ PS4 and Nintendo Switch Korean versions have been released. On the 19th, H2 INTERACTIVE Co., Ltd. announced the action RPG ‘Senran Nin Ninja Wars Neptune – developed by Tamsoft and published by COMPILE HEART and Justdan International. It has been announced that … Read more

This is a planet in the solar system that has a moon orbiting backwards

KOMPAS.com – Celestial bodies move on their axis in two directions, namely retrograde and prograde. Prograde or direct motion or forward motion is motion in the same direction as other objects in the system. Retrograde motion is the apparent motion of a planet in the opposite direction to that of other objects in a system … Read more