Sushiro nuisance video is “high school student in Gifu prefecture” reported School named on the net is “investigating fact confirmation etc.”: J-CAST News

Local media reported that a young man was suspected to be a high school student in Gifu Prefecture after he licked a soy sauce bottle at a major conveyor belt sushi chain Sushiro. The high school that was named on the internet responded to the interview that they were “researching to confirm the facts,” and … Read more

“Health Net” Watching too much porn will make you lose your libido?Sex Therapist: Excessive Depression and Beware of Sexual Dysfunction – Free Health Network

The sex therapist said that the key to whether watching porn is addictive is whether it will affect life. On the contrary, over-repressing sexual fantasies, be careful to “use it or lose it” and eventually lead to sexual dysfunction; the picture shows the situation. (picture taken from freepik) [Health Channel/Comprehensive Report]A Malaysian doctor recently shared … Read more

CanSino’s highest expected loss in 2022 is nearly 1 billion. Why is there a loss? – Minnan Net

CanSino’s highest expected loss in 2022 is nearly 1 billion. What is the situation? What is the current demand for the new crown vaccine? Why is CanSino losing money? Let’s take a look at the following related content with me. CanSino (688185) issued a performance forecast on the evening of January 30. It is expected … Read more

BYD, China’s largest EV maker, posted 76 trillion won in sales and 3 trillion won in net profit last year

Warren Buffett Investment Firm Profits Soar 458% in One Year Last year, 1.86 million EVs were produced… Musk “Tesla’s biggest rival” Photo = REUTERS BYD, China’s largest electric vehicle maker, recorded 420 billion yuan (76 trillion won) in sales and 17 billion yuan (3.957 trillion won) in net profit last year. Bloomberg reported on the … Read more

Hana Securities February KOSPI top 2550… Additional net buying capacity by foreigners

Hyundai Motor Securities “February KOSPI 2,330 ~ 2,580” Hana Securities suggested the upper end of the KOSPI for February at 2,550 and analyzed on the 30th that foreign investors may start additional net purchases. Lee Jae-man, a researcher at Hana Securities, said in a February outlook report that day, “The phenomenon of synchronization between the … Read more

SET50 Index Futures price trend swings up, foreigners buy more net – stock dimension

Factors affecting the SET50Last Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average closed up 28 points (+0.08%) to close at 33,978 points after the December Core PCE Price index rose 4.4%YoY, in line with market expectations. In addition, investors are waiting to follow the outcome of the Federal Reserve meeting on Wednesday night. As for the direction, … Read more

The group increases its employees by 110 euros net per month

Renault proposed a budget increase of 7.5% to support the purchasing power of its employees in 2023 at the end of the mandatory annual negotiations (NAO) completed on Thursday evening, which guarantees an average increase of 110 euros net per month for each employee. Wage increases are divided into general and individual increases, and a … Read more

Make history Djokovic achieves “ten crowns” at Australian Open_Sports_News Channel_Yunnan Net

  Original title: Make history Djokovic achieves Australian Open “ten crowns” In the 2023 Australian Open men’s singles final on the 29th, the Serbian king Djokovic defeated the No. 3 seed and the Greek Tsitsipas 3:0, creating a historic record of the Australian Open “ten crowns”. Djokovic at the awards ceremony on January 29.Published by Xinhua … Read more

What’s the matter with being able to work 384 days this year? – Minnan Net

The seventh day of the Lunar New Year is the first working day of the Year of the Rabbit. A new start, clean up your mood, cheer yourself up, go forward bravely, and wish everyone gets what they want, but this year your working hours will be longer. According to astronomy science experts, this year’s … Read more

“Health Net” Playing cards for a long time may increase the risk of bowel cancer!Medicine teaches “doing this” to protect intestinal health-Free Health Network

Physicians reminded that an additional 2 hours of sitting time per day will increase the risk of colorectal cancer by 8%. Therefore, it is recommended to get up and walk around every hour, and replenish water by the way, in order to protect intestinal health; the picture shows the situation. (picture taken from pakutaso) [Health … Read more