K-Content Land, the theme park of Korean content on Netflix that is currently in line to air soon.

Welcome to K-Content Land, the theme park of Korean content on Netflix! I’m stuck until I can’t find a way out. Korean content queues down Netflix Ready to choose to watch the right series Watch your favorite variety picture from Netflix An amusement park is a place that has something for everyone. From the thrilling … Read more

“Al Rawabi Girls School” Watch the Egyptian version with us | album

The series “Al Rawabi School for Girls” achieved great success in Egypt, and the audience talked about it a lot. The series starring a group of young actresses, some of whom are standing in front of the camera for the first time, and although it was filmed in Jordan, its events reflect a picture of … Read more

Learn about the names and ages of the Al Rawabi School students, one of whom is over thirty | album

The series “Al Rawabi School” has received many praises from the Arab world, despite the boldness of its subject and many scenes, since it was shown on Netflix. The series “Al Rawabi School for Girls” starring Rakeen Saad, Andrea Taya, Nour Taher, Joanna Arida, Salsabila, Yara Mustafa, and in partnership with the able artist Nadera … Read more

A big surprise .. The end of the La Casa Casa papel career in season five

The authors of the famous drama series revealedThe paper house A big surprise is that the most famous gang career in the history of the drama ends at the end of the fifth season, with the famous series ending. According to the Variety newspaper, the American network Netflix decided not to renew the famous drama … Read more

“Dark”: The third and final season of the series is ready for its premiere

The plot of “Dark” involves various timelines that collide with each other. Photo: Netflix Netflix He has offered to catalog many series that, if the platform does not exist, it is unlikely that they would reach television. The German series “Dark” is one of them. Released in 2017, it begins with the disappearance of a … Read more

Netflix: These are the series that were canceled or end this 2020

Netflix is living one of his best moments in the middle of the quarantine by coronavirus with millions of users in the world discovering new titles or following the great successes of its varied catalog. However, the annual cut in productions of the popular platform streaming it must go on, so many of the service … Read more

Netflix Party: How to watch Netflix in the company of another person virtually

The pandemic that caused the COVID-19 complicated the lives of many people who had fun watching Netflix series and movies together, however, in recent weeks the novelty of Netflix Party emerged that unites people virtually watching content on the platform at the same time. time and at the same time interacting with each other. Read … Read more

Norma Palafox published a controversial photo on her social networks

Guadalajara.- Athletes in quarantine time their best ally is their social networks because they can continue interacting with their followers or simply to distract themselves but being public figures they must be much more careful about what they share or publish. This is the case of Norma Palafox, the player from the Sacred Flock who … Read more

Actress from La Casa de Papel, risks her life to save coronavirus patients

Actress from La Casa de Papel, risks her life to save coronavirus patients | Special instagram Actress Clara Alvarado, joins the cause of offering its help to people infected by coronavirus in Spain. The famous actress has been well known worldwide for her participation in the Netflix series: La Casa de Papel. The actress helps … Read more