Sun Yang’s super strength in bringing goods once rushed to the list. A netizen ridiculed “don’t forget to pay taxes”.

2022-01-14 19:28 source:Sohu Sports Original title: Sun Yang’s super strength in bringing goods once rushed to the list, a netizen ridiculed “don’t forget to pay taxes” On January 14, Beijing time, famous swimmer Sun Yang recently appeared on a social platform to bring goods live. As of 14:30 pm, the live broadcast received 2.618 million … Read more

Elkan Baggott Uploads Photo with Boyfriend, Netizen: Well Sad Girls : Okezone Bola

PRESENCE Elkan Baggott in the Indonesian national team squad at the event AFF Cup 2020 continue to be in the spotlight. The reason is, the slick performance that was successfully shown by the tall player made his figure who was also so handsome even more admired by many people. Elkan’s charm made many of his … Read more

Pre-Reconstruction of the Murder Case of Astrid and Lael, Netizens are Angry and Disappointed to Call Om Tinus

OkeNTT – The murder case of the young mother Astrid Manafe (30) and her son Lael Maccabe (1) seems to be under special surveillance by netizens (netizen) City of Kupang, Province of East Nusa Tenggara (NTT). Netizens are closely guarding since this case was revealed with the body found Astrid and Lael already rotting in … Read more

Anthony Ginting’s car has been found, Netizens: Hooray the power of badminton lovers

HALOYOUTH – Anthony Ginting, badminton men’s singles Indonesia this some time ago reported that he had an incident lost car parked in front of his house. This is known from his upload on Twitter, he said that his car disappeared on Sunday, December 12, 2021 at around 09.00-09.30 in the morning. “The Hyundai Getz car … Read more

Cancel from taking part in the Badminton World Championship, Take a Peek at Kevin Sanjaya’s New Style After Cutting His Hair

HALOYOUTH – Kevin SanjayaThis Indonesian men’s doubles badminton player has just cut his hair. The new style of course makes the netizen more and more fascinated. Some time ago Kevin Sanjaya just finished his struggle at Indonesia Badminton Festival (IBF) which took place in Bali. He participated in three tournaments, namely the Indonesia Masters, Indonesia … Read more

Tragic, beautiful YouTuber commits suicide because he can’t stand being reproached by haters

loading… Kristina Kika Dukic. Photo/Collage/Sindonews BELGRADE – A YouTuber is believed to have taken his own life after years of being bombarded with hate messages by his haters. Kristina ‘Kika’ Dukic (21) found dead at her home in the capital Serbia , Belgrade on December 8 after “years” of being the victim of online harassment. … Read more

Netizens are looking for a free way to watch WSBK Indonesia 2021 at the Mandalika Circuit Hill until they want to build a tent Mandalika International Street Circuit The tricks of netizens, looking for a way to watch WSBK Indonesia 2021 for free on the hills around the Mandalika circuit, made them want to set up a tent. .

Manchester United defeated by City, Bruno Fernandes even posted Arsenal photos

Jakarta – Manchester United has just been grounded by Man City at Old Trafford stadium on Saturday (6/11). But in the midst of the disappointment of the fans, even the Twitter account Bruno Fernandes posted photos of Arsenal players with cheerful captions. “Gooood vibes,” Bruno wrote on his Twitter account, ending with a red and … Read more

Netizens Reaction After Egy Helped Senica Win 5-1

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Social media users or netizens respond with various comments on Instagram account FK Senica after the Indonesian national team striker A Maulana Vikri helped Senica win 5-1 over OSK Besenova. FK Senica won 5-1 over OSK Besenova in the fourth round of the Slovak Cup at Arena Besenova Stadium, Tuesday (2/11). … Read more

Photo of Avanza Veloz Leaks, Called to Make Rush Users Cry

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Toyota image leaks get moving Fast in cyberspace immediately became the subject of netizen conversation. Not a few of them praised the new face of the Mitsubishi Xpander competitor in Indonesia. From the photo, it is revealed that this product will change completely from the exterior, starting from the front, side … Read more