UCB and Microsoft seek personalized drugs in Neurology

Biopharmaceuticals UCB has announced the signing of an agreement with Microsoft to promote the development of new individualized drugs. Microsoft will provide technology from artificial intelligence (AI) and data specialists from both companies will work with UCB scientists to find fundamental correlations and patterns that enable the development of new individualized medications. The collaboration will … Read more

No education, little health – and vice versa?

From October 2nd to 3rd The 4th Future Forum of the Neurology Working Group Salzburg Innergebirg took place in Maria Alm. Vienna (OTS) – “Education and health are like gears that mesh together. The affordability of education would also be associated with the possibility of integrating health-related information into one’s own lifestyle and – in … Read more

Dementia: These 12 factors prevent you from being forgotten

Dhe risk of dementia in every individual lies in large part in their genes. Yet fate is not predetermined: the brain can be protected. Brain cells, for example, are very sensitive to circulatory disorders. If blood vessels in the brain are narrowed or blocked, certain brain cells are no longer adequately supplied with oxygen and … Read more

Infection can cause brain damage and strokes

The corona virus can also attack the brain, causing neurological deficits such as smelling disorders or strokes. Charité researchers have found a possible explanation for this. Many corona patients are not symptom-free after the acute illness. You complain of long-lasting symptoms such as fatigue or headache. However, the virus cannot only cause temporary neurological symptoms. … Read more

These are the foods you should never mix: they damage the brain

Related news Numerous recent studies have highlighted the need to improve the way in which humans feed. The diets considered healthy they stand out for their absence in many societies, or at least for having few followers, and it is known that the ‘western diet’ based on processed foods and ultraprocessed He is guilty of … Read more

Coronavirus could damage the nervous system

Infection with the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus can not only manifest itself with fever, cough and difficulty breathing, but can also cause neurological symptoms. A study shows that. This is the result of a study by Chinese scientists with patients in Wuhan, the epicenter of the pandemic, from which the virus spread worldwide. As the doctors report … Read more

Corona virus could also damage the nervous system – Nau.ch

Coronavirus could also damage the nervous system Study with patients from Wuhan: Coronavirus may also damage the nervous system DER SPIEGEL Coronavirus: According to the study, coronavirus could also damage the nervous system. Kölner Stadt-Anzeiger Study: Coronavirus could also damage the nervous system Nau.ch VIRUS /: Study: Coronavirus could also damage the nervous system FOCUS … Read more

Neurological symptoms: study: coronavirus could also damage the nervous system – computers & knowledge

The most common observers observed dizziness (36 patients, 16.8 percent) and headache (28 patients, 13.1 percent). In addition, there were taste disorders in twelve patients (5.6 percent) and olfactory disorders in eleven patients (5.1 percent). Six patients (2.8 percent) suffered a stroke. In an independent editorial to the study, neurologists Samuel Pleasure, Ari Green, and … Read more