Viral Photographs of Indian TV Series Use a Toilet Brush for Pacemakers Page all

NEW DELHI, – A scene from serial tv Entitled India Krishnakoli Becomes viral, because of wearing toilet brush as pacemaker. The series, produced by cable TV Zee Bangla, features a scene where doctors use a Scotch Brite bathroom cleaning brush to revive the patient’s heartbeat. In fact, the pacemaker that doctors use is a … Read more

From this woman’s stomach, doctors remove ovarian tumors as young as 15 years old

NEW DELHI, – Doctor of India reported lifting ovarian tumor heavy adolescents 15 years from the stomach of a woman, and is claimed to be the largest in the world. Woman 52 years old is quite lucky. Because the medical team managed to remove the tumor weighing 49 kilograms from his body. The woman, … Read more

Kicking an elderly woman is recorded, this hospital security guard is arrested

NEW DELHI, – One security of hospital pemerintah Uttar Pradesh, India, captured after being caught on camera kick elderly women (elderly). The video, which was then uploaded to Twitter, sparked the anger of netizens, where the officer was immediately arrested as the video went viral. Also read: Viral, Video of TNI Members Kicking Female … Read more