What is the sentence that a pleasant person at work “adds a little” to “email”? | Worry Wall | Diamond Online

A reprint decision was made within a week of its release. What is the sentence that a pleasant person at work “adds a little” to “email”? The book “Wall of Concern” introduces the best tips to transform yourself into a “mindful person” instead of just being “a person who notices”. When you see someone in … Read more

‘New year, new 40 years’ Lotte Giants new emblem unveiled on the 12th

‘New year, new 40 years’ Lotte Giants new emblem unveiled on the 12th Teaser image released through club SNSNew uniforms for the 1992 championship are also prepared Reporter Kim Han-soo [email protected] Enter: 2023-03-05 13:49:35Edit: 2023-03-05 17:07:34Publication: 2023-03-05 14:03:28 (Page 19) A new emblem teaser image released by professional baseball Lotte Giants on the club’s social … Read more

Having a purpose can contribute to your well-being

We all know that eating well and exercising are beneficial factors for health, and that they are also measurable. Indeed, you can write down the calories of your meals in a notebook and count your steps in a fitness app. However, in a fast-paced and pressured world like the one we live in, it’s easy … Read more

Celebration and mourning during New Year in Chinese countryside, corona not over

EPA NOS News•Sunday, 7:07 PM Sjoerd den Daas correspondent China Sjoerd den Daas correspondent China The red of Chinese New Year predominates, at the beginning of the Year of the Rabbit. But for an unknown number of families, the lanterns will turn white this year. The color of mourning, the color of death. Covid may … Read more

She couldn’t bear to be urged to get married during the Chinese New Year: Do you care if the life is not good? The relatives here are stunned | International | CTWANT

Many people will try their best to deal with life-related plans when they are greeted by relatives and friends. A woman in Zhejiang province in mainland China was having a family dinner during the Chinese New Year and was urged to get married by her relatives. She immediately fought with them. Some sharp remarks left … Read more

I was afraid that my 29-year-old daughter would not be able to get married, and my father urged me to marry “Don’t pay 90,000 yuan in salary.” I responded | International | CTWANT

A father in Changde, Hunan, China, urged marriage during Chinese New Year. (Picture / flip from Xiaoxiang Morning News) Many parents look forward to their children getting married as soon as possible. There is a father in Changde, Hunan, China, who urged his 29-year-old daughter to marry when she came home for the New Year. … Read more

The hero took down a killer in a dance club in California. It was caught on camera

Twenty-six-year-old programmer Brandon Tsay runs the Lai Lai dance studio in Alhambra, California, with his family. On Saturday night, he heard strange noises and went to check the studio door. He encountered 72-year-old Huu Can Tran, the same man who had shot and killed 11 people earlier in nearby Monterey Park. Tsay thus probably prevented … Read more

It is a wrong policy to criticize the ten-day Chinese New Year holiday. Zhang Jingsen: He is complacent about breaking the record for this year’s annual holiday | Politics | Newtalk News

Executive Yuan Councilor Zhang Jingsen.Photo: Lin Chaoyi/Photo The Chinese New Year holidays are coming. This year’s 10-day Spring Festival holiday is the longest in history. Coupled with the opening of the country, many people have already arranged to travel abroad. However, for such a long holiday, Zhang Jingsen, a member of the Executive Yuan, disagrees, … Read more

After agreeing to go back to her mother’s house for the New Year, she changed her mind and went back to her in-law’s house…The wife was so angry that she “grabbed the steering wheel on the highway” | International | CTWANT

Conflict is inevitable after marriage, but in any case it should not be life-threatening. There is a wife in Guiyang, Guizhou, China. She was going back to her natal home for the New Year. Unexpectedly, her husband suddenly changed his mind and drove to her in-law’s house. She communicated with her several times to no … Read more

E. Sašenko – about the festive photo session, sold out New Year’s and why you don’t have to stand in queues | Names

Recently, Evelina Sašenko, her husband Giedrius Statulevičius and baby Teodoras were immortalized in a festive photo session with animals. In the photos taken by Monika Žilinska, the whole family is smiling a lot and having fun together. E. Sashenko’s portal People.lt said that he noticed this idea last year with a photographer who had captured … Read more