The dollar causes 7 economic cars to cross the barrier of a quarter of a million pounds

03:04 PM Sunday 10 April 2022 new cars Books – Muhammad Jamal: During the past 20 days, the Egyptian car market witnessed a massive wave of price increases announced by a number of brand agents, which amounted to 75 cars, due to the increase in the dollar exchange rate by rates that reached almost 10%, … Read more

“Sing the New Year and Build a Dream for the Future” Chinese New Year Chorus Concert, Qindao Philharmonic Choir pays tribute to the times with singing – Peninsula Network

Peninsula All Media reporter Wang Liping Sponsored by Shinan District Culture and Tourism Bureau, Shinan District Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and undertaken by Shinan District Cultural Center and Qindao Musicians Association, the Qindao Philharmonic Choir was established and 2022 Chorus Music The concert will be held at Qingdao Concert Hall on January 15th. … Read more

The Power of Love: Shirley Arica: Sebastián Tamayo denounced that he was drugged at a New Year’s Eve party | NNDC FARANDLE | SHOWS

Updated on 05/01/2022 07:58 am Colombian influencer Sebastián Tamayo, remembered for having an affair with Shirley Arica In the Turkish reality show “The Power of Love”, he recounted the terrible experience he had to live after he was drugged during a New Year’s party. The model said that they introduced the narcotic into his drink … Read more

Sheyla Rojas greatly enjoyed her New Year’s celebration | New year | end of the year | Mexico | Sheyla Rojas in Mexico | SHOWS

Updated on 04/01/2022 12:53 pm Sheyla rojas He shared a photo where he shows how well he has celebrated at his New Year’s party. The model made it clear that she has enjoyed the start of 2022 to a great extent. In the photograph shared by Sheyla, the model is seen lying on the ground, … Read more

a “Grand ball” worthy of a “Bercy” show

Grand Ball by Youssou Ndour at Dakar Arena Chose promise, chose due. On this first day of the year 2022, the indisputable king of mbalax, Youssou Ndour, ignited the multifunctional sports complex that is the Dakar Arena, just to start this new year on good notes. Indeed, the Super Star assured music lovers a “Grand … Read more

They attacked a doctor on New Year’s Eve and everything was recorded – Radioinforme 3

A woman beat a doctor at the General Pacheco Hospital because she wanted to give priority to her sister, who suffered from “abdominal pain,” as reported to Chain 3 Diego Morera, director of the hospital (MP 107.764). The incident occurred on the night of December 31, minutes before the New Year’s celebration. The scene was … Read more

Obama surprised with a witty New Year’s greeting: he received 70,000. comments Names

The New Year is celebrated by everyone – both ordinary Americans and the first couple in the country. Michelle and Barack welcomed Obama in a very festive mood and shared that with their army of followers. On Saturday, the former lady shared a photo of herself and her husband on her Instagram account on the … Read more

Several people were hospitalized during the New Year weekend due to various injuries

On New Year’s Eve, about 8 p.m. 30 min. An injured young man born in 2003 was delivered to the hospital from the stairs of an apartment building on Kapsų Street in Vilnius. The circumstances of the event are determined. On Saturday, January 1, at about 2 p.m. 20 min. In Šiauliai district, Gegužiai village, … Read more

Rúzsa Magdi checked in from the hospital with a touching photo

Lipstick Magdi the news of the triumph was guaranteed to be one of the most fantastic things that happened in the domestic star world in 2021. In addition, the singer was particularly well-tolerated during the first few weeks of her pregnancy: she felt energetic, but did not put on an extra strain on the advice … Read more

New Year’s Eve with Celebrities: Romance with Hanychová and Drama with Bendová

Agáta Hanychová Alice Bendová Source: Profimedia The celebrations of the New Year are over and celebrities are proud of what their New Year’s Eve looked like on social networks. For example, Agáta Hanychová spent a romantic evening with a new boyfriend, the widow of Mir Žbirek remembered her late husband, and Alice Bendová solved a … Read more