Meghan Markle bar Louis Vuitton i New York.

During the Monday evening arrived prins Harry and Meghan Markle by private flight to New York. In sober black and white, Meghan in dark sunglasses and hair up, they were seen jumping into a waiting car at JFK airport. On Tuesday night, they repeated the color combination at the gala they both attended. The couple … Read more

“Dae~Hanmin-guk” in the middle of New York… Koreans also have one mind

◀ Anchor ▶ Koreans abroad also cheered for the victory of the national team in cold weather. The moment they confirmed their advance to the World Cup round of 16, ‘Korea’ rang out in the middle of Manhattan, New York, USA. New York Lee Yongju ◀ Report ▶ About 100 Koreans gathered in a park … Read more

The officer was surprised that the passenger’s wheelchair could not turn, it turned out that it contained cocaine

New York – Customs officers at JFK International Airport in New York felt strange about a passenger’s wheelchair that couldn’t turn. As it turned out, the wheel contained cocaine. Cocaine worth US$ 450,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 7 billion, the attempt was made to be smuggled into the United States from the Dominican Republic. … Read more

Part of the US was hit by a snowstorm, people were dying

Residents of upstate New York were digging out of a lakeside snowstorm Saturday morning. In some areas, snow fell up to eye level. Authorities urged people who are used to driving in inclement weather to stay home. “I can say that our officers have been absolutely overwhelmed with calls for assistance in regards to motor … Read more

They investigated the death of the father and the toddler for many months. The revelation crushed everyone

After nine months, New York state police have closed the case of the death of a 59-year-old man and his two-year-old son. Both were found dead in an apartment in February where there were no signs of forced entry. The conclusion of the investigation revealed that the circumstances of the boy’s death were very tragic. … Read more

New Yorkers urged to get vaccinated for triple virus threat

Dr. Manuel Silva, a family physician at the Joseph Addabb Community Clinic in Far Rockaway, Queens, urges his patients to get a flu shot as health experts warn of a possible double pandemic this fall and winter with the COVID-19 still present. Mauricio Silva, so affirms: “I recommend that you get vaccinated, the vaccines are … Read more

Dozens injured in New York battery fire

AFP NOS News•yesterday, 05:49•Amended yesterday, 08:20 At least 38 people have been injured in a fire on the twentieth floor of an apartment complex in Manhattan, New York. According to the American news channel CNN At least two people are in critical condition and at least five others sustained serious injuries. Police say the fire … Read more

MEPs put pressure on the UN. Russia should not be a member of the key body

Russia should not be able to veto important actions at the United Nations (UN). This is the opinion of the members of the delegation of MEPs, which is meeting at the UN headquarters in New York these days. Russia is a member of the key Security Council. According to some, the invasion of Ukraine is … Read more

‘Baby shower’ for expectant mother newly arrived in the city

Nuvia Jiménez arrived accompanied by her husband Cirilo De los Santos, extremely emotional, at the community baby shower organized by Woodhull Hospital in Brooklyn. The couple crossed the border a month ago and they are not alone, as Jimenez is carrying their little girl who will be born in January. “I feel very good, very … Read more

Hanging upside down for decades in a German museum… What is the secret of this painting by Beit Mordian?

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — One of Piet Mondrian’s famous modernist paintings may have been hung upside down decades ago, according to research by an art historian, but the painting won’t be restored soon. Named New York City 1, the palette features classic Mondrian staples and stark geometric lines. The Dutch artist drew a … Read more