Glucose in a swimsuit with a stunning neckline exposed the innermost: everyone’s jaws fell off

Natalia Chistyakova-Ionova, better known as Glucose, for many years not only performs on stage, but also acts in films. The blonde always attracts men’s looks. She has a slim figure and a youthful appearance. The mother of two children also often goes out in bold outfitsthat barely cover her form. For several days now, Glucose … Read more

The only danger! Zodiac sign that cannot make instant decisions from November 21 to 25

Astrologer Alena Grig gave a forecast for the week from November 21 to 25, pointing to the sign of the zodiac, which should be extremely careful in business. This period will be very successful for those born under this constellation. The only danger is making instant decisions. Who are we talking about? And this archers. … Read more

what happens to 85-year-old Edita Piekha

Ilona Bronevitskaya told in the show “The Stars Came Together” what is really happening with 85-year-old Edita Piekha. According to her, the singer really doesn’t feel very well, which is why she stopped going out. Look for news from the life of celebrities in the Telegram channel “star dust». At the same time, Bronevitskaya clarified … Read more

Tatyana Navka made an unexpected statement about Marat Basharov

The scandalous actor Marat Basharov is making progress in the show “Ice Age. Together again”. In the sixth episode, the artist paired with figure skater Oksana Domnina to a song from the musical “Singing in the Rain”. The judges liked the number of stars. They were given maximum marks – all sixes. “I know Marat’s … Read more

What Nikita Presnyakov really does in the USA

Alla Pugacheva’s grandson Nikita Presnyakov fled Russia on the third day after the announcement of mobilization. The artist, like Ksenia Sobchak, crossed the border on foot in the Pskov region. The young man does not comment on his escape, as if nothing had happened. And in social networks tirelessly repeats that everything is fine with … Read more

brawler Kirkorov went to extreme measures for the sake of Pugacheva

Philip Kirkorov and Alla Pugacheva have long become former, and in fact nothing binds them. However, Diva’s ex-husband is breathy about her. And the day before, he did an unexpected act – he made a deal for her. During an interview with Alena Zhigalova, the host of the show “Alena, damn it!” on YouTube, he … Read more

From the end of the summer of 2022 – disputes, conflicts! Tamara Globa calculated the year of a clear settlement

Tamara Globa made it clear when a clear and precise settlement of all critical moments is possible. It is not necessary to count on the year of the Water Rabbit, as the astrologer hinted. At the same time, in the very coming years, the world will be shaken by a wave of changes that will … Read more

2023 will wind up, and 2026 will “destroy” everything! Globa called the year for the Russians, when the series of troubles will end

Against the backdrop of the past 2021 and 2022, as Tamara Globa predicts, the new year 2023 will be the toughest and most difficult. However, the disturbing events that are directly related to this exciting period will lead to an unexpected denouement in the future in 2-2.5 years. So, the astrologer made it clear that … Read more

Be patient for a while! Tamara Globa predicted when everything will fall into place

Tamara Globa predicted the difficulties and difficulties that will mark the year of the Water Rabbit. In the last three years – 2021, 2022 and 2023 – it will be the most difficult. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes and floods, will also be added to political, social and public problems. When will everything change for … Read more