Hirving Lozano and the best news that FC Barcelona gives him in an unexpected way

The most outstanding Mexican player of this 2021 is undoubtedly Hirving Lozano, who continues to show all his talent at Npoli. Now from Spain there is good news for Chucky. According to the Mundo Deportivo portal, Npoli will be looking for a left-back and has set its eyes on the FC Barcelona player, Junior Firpo. … Read more

Tunisia – Can someone explain the interest of closing tobacco kiosks due to general confinement?

By Ramsis | January 16, 2021 at 7:47 pm 🔊 Listen to the article <!– –> The general containment hastily decided and entered into force two days ago was accompanied by decisions and measures of which only an enlightened man could grasp the usefulness and secrecy. Indeed, closing cafes and restaurants is understandable. That we … Read more

Real Madrid: Zidane would let Odriozola go in the transfer market | latest news | Spanish League

Real Madrid keeps coming out of players who don’t count for Zinedine Zidane. Just as he has let James Rodríguez or Gareth Bale go, he has also said goodbye to Luka Jovic and many Spaniards, homegrown players, such as Sergio Reguilón. And in the last hours it has been known that another merengue pearl, with … Read more

Exclusive cars | More Photos & Latest News • Autogespot

Abarth Day 2017: Scorpion Addicts 31 jul. 2017 22:22 We are at a time in automotive history when “everyday” sports cars are in danger of extinction. We hardly see cars like the current 370Z or GT86 on the street, which were previously much more common, and brands know it. It is then when the segment … Read more

Who can open at the “safe yellow” traffic light? – Local News, Police, about Mexico and the World | The Herald of Chihuahua

This day, the secretary of health, Eduardo Fernández, announced the provisions of the “safe yellow” traffic light, which will come into effect this Monday, January 18, from which the maquiladora companies of the automotive and aerospace sectors will be able to open at 80 percent, and only in case of obtaining a certification before the … Read more

MIF Life Insurance, 2020 euro fund rate, published in 2021: Life Insurance News

MiFID: fund returns 2020 euros The rate of return of the euro MIF fund, provided by MIF, published in 2021, and used for the year 2020 is 1.700% (net of management fees, gross of social and tax deductions). MIF’s net yield stands at 1.41% net of social security contributions. The previous yield published in 2019 … Read more

Ingenious Players Use Toys to Break Botters

Botting is an activity that is not only really annoying, it is also against the Blizzard Terms of Service. Many gatherers have experienced botters swarming gathering areas and nodes. In the case of skinning, this has actually caused Blizzard to nerf the drops of some mobs. This does help with the botting, but unfortunately regular … Read more

MR News | Weather alert: the municipality provides recommendations for strong storms

The Municipality of Rosario reiterates a series of recommendations to take extreme care and precautions against the rains that broke out during the early morning hours and whose alert is still in effect by the National Weather Service. Due to this situation, citizens are asked to take into account the following preventive measures: take out … Read more