Emirates News Agency – “Land Forces Command” wins the Ministry of Defense Athletics Championship

Sunday, April 11, 2021 – 5:43 p.m. ABU DHABI, April 11th, WAM / Brigadier General Muhammad Saeed Gafan Al Jabri, Director of the Directorate of Faith and Lessons Learned, witnessed the Ministry of Defense athletics championship as part of the activities of the Excellence Shield for the 2021 training year organized by the Military Physical … Read more

Family nurse, the real turning point in territorial medicine

Nurses © Termolionline TERMOLI. The pandemic has highlighted how important it is to strengthen territorial medicine, not only. He also reiterated the centrality of nursing in health care and the right to health. A union is possible with the figure of the family nurse. Over the next ten years, 8 million seniors will have at … Read more

Mirhan Hussein undergoes severe exercise! | news

Actress Mirhan Hussain published a set of photos of her while she was in the gym. Mirhan appeared while undergoing heavy exercise, revealing her agility. It is noteworthy that Mirhan Hussein’s last work was the series “Khatem Al-Nimr”, starring Ahmed Salah Hosni, Nasreen Tafesh, Islam Gamal, Tamer Shaltout, Afaf Shuaib, and produced by “Synergy”, written … Read more

Hasbro unveils a self-transforming Optimus Prime, activated by voice – All Senegalese news in real time | All the news in Senegal of the day: sport, Senegalese politics, people and various facts in Senegal

The Transformers license has many fans, young and old. And this new reference signed Hasbro should make more than one drool. If the license Transformers appeals to so many people, young and old, boys or girls, it is probably because it combines robots, vehicles and humor. Vehicles that turn into intelligent robots, impressive. Today, Hasbro … Read more

Eradication is basically impossible, argues a specialist. Covid-19 may never disappear – News

The much desired group immunity may never be attained. The end of Covid-19 in our lives may never come. An American specialist explained, in an interview with ABC News, that the virus that monopolized our lives in the last year could become an endemic virus, like the flu, that will circulate permanently among us seasonally. … Read more

His queen and her prince | Middle east

Sorry for some replays, minor event. I saw Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, once, and I met him again. In the first, in 1964. I was covering Independence Day in Nairobi. The Kenyan capital was filled with the colors of tribes from across the country. Thousands of people dance, sing and jingle in the squares. … Read more

Barcelona news: The most famous Madrid journalist stabs Messi with a sensational statement after El Clásico

Lionel Messi and Ronald Koeman – Barcelona – La Liga Sport 360 – He stabbed the Madrid journalist, Thomas Ronsero, who was notoriously fanatic To Real Madrid, a star Barcelona, Lionel Messi made an exciting statement after the El Clasico match. Ronsero, who writes his views in the Spanish newspaper AS, appeared after the El … Read more

Take a look at NASA’s efforts with the first helicopter on Mars – Post Today around the world.

Let’s take a look at NASA’s efforts with the first helicopter on Mars. On April 11, 2021 at 6:30 p.m. Even though the flight has been postponed from its original date, But this flight will be an important pathway for other future space exploration aircraft. NASA’s Ingenuity, the first Mars exploration helicopter from NASA, will … Read more

More than 700 killed in Myanmar coup – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The authorities’ brutal response to the protests against the coup has aroused condemnation worldwide. On Saturday, eyewitnesses reported that more than 80 protesters were killed in the town of Bago. The city is located 65 kilometers northeast of Yangon. According to witnesses, the military forces were almost out of control. BBC reports that the soldiers … Read more

Astrologers predict 4/12~4/18 fortune, lion, water bottle, good fortune bursting-Zodiac-China Times News

Ostaro’s 12 constellations have a hot week fortune! Horoscope teacher Oss shares the horoscope from 4/12 to 4/18. Leo has the most prosperous career fortune, Gemini is the most prosperous for love, and Libra is the most prosperous fortune; in addition, you need to pay attention to the career fortune of Cancer, the love for … Read more