train in the Netherlands almost the most expensive in the world –

Is the train a good alternative to the car? Maybe if train tickets weren’t so incredibly expensive. There is only one country where a ride with the boomel costs more and that is Switzerland. This is evident from figures from statistics website Statista† Swiss public transport users pay almost 44 euros per person per month. … Read more

This group of people is more likely to have lung covid –

Almost half of the people who got corona last year still had complaints after three months, according to research by the RIVM. Which people are more likely to belong to that group? In Belgium they are slightly stricter with their definition of long-term covid and they come to about 130,000 people, who still have significant … Read more

Two days of sex reported by woman as abuse have Paul Haggis in the spotlight in Italy

A judge on Wednesday ordered Oscar-winning filmmaker Paul Haggis to be held in a hotel in southern Italy while Italian prosecutors investigate allegations of a woman who claims to have been sexually abused by the director over two days, according to Italian media. After holding a hearing that lasted several hours in the Brindisi court, … Read more

Once again – what exactly does Macron offer us for Northern Macedonia

The so-called “French proposal” are in fact two draft documents that the French Presidency has sent to the Member States. These are the PCM Negotiating Framework and the Council Conclusions on convening the First Intergovernmental Conference with Skopje. The most important accents: The document states that “accession negotiations provide for special attention to be paid … Read more

If you fail this balance test, you are twice as likely to die (too) quickly

Can you stand on one leg for 10 seconds? Middle-aged people who can’t do that for 10 seconds are nearly twice as likely to die within a decade, according to recent research. Scientists in Brazil say the simple and safe balance test should become part of a routine health check for older adults. Your stability … Read more

Public Ministry says Argenis Contreras acted in complicity to hide the body of Yuniol Ramírez

The Public Ministry reported that evidence was presented today that corroborates the intention of Argenis Contreras to hide the body of lawyer Yuniol Ramírez after his murder. “Today we have started the production of one of the tests of the Public Ministry, consisting of the expert report of electronic information, all the telephone cells, locations … Read more

The bachatero Memín “El Sucesor” dies

Santo Domingo. DR Memín “El Sucesor”, musician, composer and singer of bachata, died this Sunday after a few days in the Corominas Pepín Clinic, in Santiago, where he arrived to undergo surgery for a hernia. He was 53 years old. Yovanny Martín Belliar, his real name, had his own bachata group, but for many years … Read more

Commissions were lower, they ask why we raised them to 20-30%

Toshko Yordanov both speaks to you and intimidates, comes and says: “Dudes, the Long One said …” I asked who the party “There is such a people” was, they told me: Slavi Trifonov, says eng. Georgi Georgiev At a party meeting I asked: Who is ITN, they told me: none of us, ITN is Slavi … Read more

Brother of leader of the People’s Force dies

The brother of the leader of the People’s Force, Miguel Ortega, died last Saturday after suffering a respiratory arrest. Pedro José Soriano Martínez, passed away after a year and a half fight against stomach cancer. He underwent surgery, subsequently undergoing chemotherapy and radiotherapy treatment. However, this treatment caused a deterioration in his health that forced … Read more

Balaguer resisted writing “his memoirs”

En one of my customary visits to the poet, as I often called President Balaguer, I suggested writing his memoirs and he responded in this way: “Often, presidents and political leaders when writing their memoirs do not tell the whole truth. However, I must admit that among many that I have read recently, I was … Read more