Why it’s time to cut bread and potatoes from your diet

The way we live and eat now, people in their thirties have a very good chance of developing type 2 diabetes later in life. Cutting back on carbohydrates like bread and potatoes to just 10 percent of your diet can help people avoid developing type 2 diabetes, an expert has advised. Prof Joan Taylor, of … Read more

Mars already accumulates seven tons of human garbage

the surface of mars harbors and more than seven tons of garbage from half a century of robotic exploration of the red planet. The calculation has been obtained by Cagri Kilic, Postdoctoral researcher in Robotics at West Virginia University, from the analysis of the 18 human-made objects destined for Mars in 14 separate missions, according … Read more

See how King Simeon talks to King Charles at the Queen’s funeral

At the invitation of the British Royal Family, with which the Bulgarian Royal Family has a family relationship, as well as long-standing friendly relations, the King attended the state funeral of Queen Elizabeth II in London, reports the official website of Simeon of Saxe-Coburg https://www.kingsimeon.bg/. King Simeon bowed before the remains of the Queen, which … Read more

After the death of Elizabeth II, four countries are still claiming the Kohinoor diamond

The death of Queen Elizabeth II reopened the war over the Kohinoor diamond, one of the world’s treasures. Four countries claim to have it returned to them. And Queen Consort Camilla is rumored to be wearing it to Charles III’s coronation. The Kohinoor, or Mountain of Light, currently resides in the Tower of London with … Read more

How sweeteners mess up your gut flora and metabolism – Wel.nl

Sugar substitutes are popular and found in many foods. But whether they are really “healthier” and help you lose weight was already questionable. Scientists are now also presenting evidence that consumption can alter gut flora and metabolism. Research is sometimes hard work. The scientists around Eran Elinav of the Israeli Weizmann Institute wanted to know … Read more

Lazio, the report cards of the newspapers: the defense works, Immobile reviews the door

TUTTOmercatoWEB.com © photo at www.imagephotoagency.it Lazio party against Cremonese, Sarri’s men regroup and leave behind the nightmare of Thursday in the Europa League. Solid performance of the whole team, starting from a safe and providential Provedel on more than one occasion, passing through the excellent performance of the Casale-Patric couple. Milinkovic once again decisive, Immobile … Read more

Tokischa on his relationship with Madonna: “It’s romantic, it’s beautiful, we’re having a sweet time”

Madonna announced today that next Monday she will release a duet with Dominican rapper Tokischa called “Hung Up”, that she promoted on her Instagram account with fragments of a video clip and caricatures of both in a provocative pose. The queen of pop, 64, wrote in a post “we are bad girls” and “our song … Read more

Juve press review: front pages of newspapers

Copyright © Juventus News 24 – Press Register of the Court of Turin n. 45 of 07/09/2021 – Registered in the Register of Communication Operators under no. 26692 Publisher and owner: Sportreview Srl Unofficial site, unauthorized or connected to Juventus Football Club SpA The Juventus and Juve brands are the exclusive property of Juventus Football … Read more

Enjoy Life, Read 4 Newspapers Every Day

JAKARTA, investor.id – Phenomenal investor Lo Kheng Hong has been investing in stocks for 33 years. The amount of money has now increased dramatically, to trillions. However, Lo Kheng Hong still actively invests in stocks while enjoying his life. Also read: 33 Years of Stock Investing, Lo Kheng Hong: My Money Is In Trillions When … Read more

84 Russian deputies support the resignation of Vladimir Putin

The public request for the resignation of the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has already been supported by 84 municipal deputies (councilmen) from all over Russia, who demand that the Duma, or chamber of deputies, accuse the head of the Kremlin of high treason for initiating the military campaign in Ukraine. “More and more deputies are … Read more