Temperature in Valle Nuevo remains below zero

The climatic conditions maintain their rate of descent in the Juan Bautista Pérez Rancier National Park, better known as Valle Nuevo, where this week the temperature has been below zero, including the early hours of this Saturday. Due to the ecological diversity of the Park, where the Valle Nuevo Scientific Reserve is located, with a … Read more

Political Focus – Trump, Now What?

The institutions worked. Everything went very badly for Donald Trump and very good for the rest of the planet and American society. As is known, in the early hours of January 7, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris were enthroned as US President and VP Mike Pence faced the wrath of Trump. He preferred to opt … Read more

Ivermectin: A debate about its use for Covid

In the Dominican Republic, a debate has been generated about the use of ivermectin as part of the treatment for people who have contracted the coronavirus. About this deworming drug, the Minister of Public Health, Plutarco Arias, said earlier in the week that the drug is not recommended for mass use, despite the fact that … Read more

Woman with cancer will receive help from the First Lady

The despair caused by having a catastrophic illness, lacking medical insurance and the financial means for treatment, is no longer a concern for Mrs. Griselda Ceballos Ureña, since the first Lady, Raquel Arbaje, solved it. Griselda is a woman of limited resources and has a great desire to recover her health, for which, taking advantage … Read more

RECESSION – The stages: They continue with the lights off

When the Covid-19 pandemic last March 2020 forced the world to close the doors to all kinds of activities, for business owners and entertainment entrepreneurs, the uncertainty came accompanied by the hope that in a few months life would go back to its usual routine. Concerts, tours, shows, cinemas, theaters, patron saint festivities, carnivals, all … Read more

RELIGION – Acts of service lit up the world at the close of 2020

Solid waste collection, visits to the homes of the elderly, cleaning and beautification of public places, house-to-house distribution of masks and many other acts of spontaneous service were part of the actions in which volunteers from the Caribbean region of La Iglesia de Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints on an international day of service in … Read more

FAMOUS – Amber Heard: From Courts to Movies

In 1978, Stephen King wrote “The Stand” (“The Dance of Death”), a novel about a post-apocalyptic world, where only five percent of the population survives a pandemic. Does it ring a bell? Forty-two years after its publication, and after two failed attempts, this extensive novel has been turned into a television miniseries by Starz Play, … Read more

Freddy Geneva tests positive for Covid-19

The founder of the Casa de Teatro, Freddy Ginebra was diagnosed with Coronavirus and so far remains in home isolation at home. The also Dominican cultural manager and writer is asymptomatic and stable Until now. The 76-year-old Geneva is “in good hands and with a strict medical protocol, according to official sources. In an interview … Read more

COLLABORATION – What to do with rents, mortgages and personal debts?

A relatively long or relatively short problem. At the beginning of the pandemic, many businesses that rent their premises obtained facilities from the owner to pay their monthly payments. Now those owners are demanding their full monthly payment and are threatening to evict the tenants. They are owners, but they also have commitments and debts … Read more

ONE MOMENT – Universal Message

Bishop Ramón Benito De la Rosa Y Carpio In Dominican culture, January 6 is the Day of the Magi. It is a day associated with a tradition of gifts in the family where children are given gifts by the Three Kings. That is our culture, the Magi, but in their depth, the Magi bring the … Read more