The next major exhibition at the Musée de la Boverie will be devoted to American artist Bill Viola, the “father of video art”

A major figure in contemporary art, Bill Viola is considered one of the fathers of video art. In partnership with Tempora and Studio Bill Viola, La Boverie is presenting the first Belgian exhibition of international scope celebrating the work of this unequaled video artist. The work is called: “the martyrs”. -viola Technically dazzling, Bill Viola’s … Read more

Meloni from the G7: «Next mid-June 2024 in Puglia, the South of the world will be central»

The G7 in Italy in 2024 «will be held in mid-June and the venue will be Puglia, the southern hemisphere will be central. We chose Puglia because it has a symbolic meaning, linked to its geographical position»: Giorgia Meloni reveals it in the press conference on the G7. “I illustrated our ideas to President Kishida” … Read more

Drama of 2011 repeats: “This is an absurd…

Joran Pot Foto: © Orange Pictures Last Saturday, the FC Twente Women lost 1-0 to Ajax. With one game to go, they seem to be missing out on the national title. This result is also reminiscent of the men of FC Twente, who also lost the championship in 2011 against Ajax. “Crazier things have happened … Read more

“What’s next, the Jewish star?”

The international school Le Verseau is both subsidized by the French community and financed by the ASBL Les Amis du Verseau. Parents of students denounce the actions of the latter and even qualify it as a sect. Indeed, as it is a subsidized school, there is no charge for registration. of videos But parents who … Read more

“My weather forecast is correct, it’s an innate talent” (photo)

This is Geri Haerynck, an 82-year-old man, who has been distributing his weather report every year since 1974 to the inhabitants of his town: “All my predictions were the right ones for 2022”, he says in the columns of the Nieuwsblad . “Sometimes you don’t have to look far. It’s an innate talent. I am … Read more

Al-Sabhan reveals a surprise about the upcoming coach of Al-Hilal • Al Marsad Sports

Al-Marsad Sports: Hassan Al-Sabhan, known as the King of Expectations, revealed the next coach of Al-Hilal club, after the team’s victory against Al-Ittihad in the semi-finals of the King’s Cup. Al-Sabhan wrote on his personal account on Twitter, saying: “Urgent, according to my personal sources, Al-Hilal signs with Brazilian coach Tite.” Urgent, according to my … Read more

Enjoy this weekend, Luc Trullemans announces bad news for next week!

There will even be low stratus over the northern Ardennes terrain. We will still have showers, especially in West Flanders and more generally in Wallonia, but sunny spells will appear more and more in the afternoon in the northwest and center of the country. The north wind will not be too sensitive but will keep … Read more

big change in traffic on boulevard de la Sauvenière next Tuesday

As part of the Liège tram project, the rest of the road works will be carried out on Boulevard de la Sauvenière as soon as the new road is finalized. This new phase is estimated from Tuesday April 11 until the end of June 2023, indicates the TEC. The construction site will switch to the … Read more

here is the big news that will affect all young people aged 16 and over during the next European elections in 2024 (video)

Europe and you: the program of episodes… Monday April 3 The European Parliament, how the institution works in practice Our guest: Delphine ColardHead of the Spokesperson’s Unit and Deputy Spokesperson of the European Parliament. Tuesday April 4 Climate: Europe takes action Our guest: Pascal CanfinFrench MEP, elected on the Renaissance list of La République en … Read more