‘The best comet of 2023’; the Government of San Nicolás invites you to learn more about the ‘Green Comet’

With the purpose of guiding the citizens of St nicolas about the sighting of cometa C/2023 E3 (ZTF)the municipal government together with the Cultural City of San Nicolás and the Astronomical Society of MonterreyThey organized an event with Paul Lonnie Pacheco Raileyto talk about “The best comet of 2023”. Within the talk there will be … Read more

Nicolas Aubé-Kubel did not like his experience in Toronto

After winning the Stanley Cup with the Colorado Avalanche last season, Quebec forward Nicolas Aubé-Kubel found himself on the free agent market. He received several offers, but decided to join the Toronto Maple Leafs, which seemed to offer him a better chance for his career. His experience in Toronto, however, did not go as planned. … Read more

Celac: Nicolás Maduro cancels his trip to Argentina at the last minute for fear of protests

Nicolás Maduro will not travel to Argentina for security reasons. The Venezuelan President declined at the last minute the invitation of the Argentine Government to participate this Tuesday in the summit of the celac (the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States) by arguing that “extravagant plans designed by right-wing extremists” are underway to attack … Read more

Nicolás Maduro, the wanted and dangerous is coming

The poster illustrating this column is real. The dictator Nicolás Maduro has been wanted by the United States Justice since the year 2020. The American authorities offer 15 million dollars for information that leads to his arrest. Everything indicates that Maduro will be in Buenos Aires for the meeting of the Community of Latin American … Read more

Quinté+: The pro of the day – Nicolas Bazire: “We worked on the mind of Herald of Arms”

“I am not solicited from the outside, so I am in charge of my residents or those that my father cannot drive. It was also not planned that I drive Hooker Berryfirst in the Criterium of 5 years old (Gr.1)and then. I continued to be associated with him until we won the Prix ​​du Bourbonnais … Read more

“There can be no energy transition without reassurance of social ties” (Nicolas Routier, La Poste Group)

LA REVUE T- For a group like La Poste, what does adapting to climate change mean? NICOLAS ROUTIER- We often forget, but La Poste is 600 years old and responds to missions whose objective goes beyond mere profit. We are used to the long term and to taking negative externalities into account, two essential elements … Read more

Nicolas Cage shattered by news of Lisa Marie Presley’s death: ‘I guess she’s reunited with her son’

The social networks of American celebrities are filled with tragic messages about the death of Lisa Marie Presley. The 54-year-old just a couple of weeks did not live up to a beautiful anniversary. The tragedy was commented on by her ex-husband, Hollywood actor Nicolas Cage, who was married to her from 2002 to 2004.

Nicolas de Gols, new CEO of Royal Monceau Raffles Paris, youngest Managing Director of Palaces

Nicolas De Gols has just joined the Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris team and is thus positioning himself as the youngest Managing Director of Palaces. Le Royal Monceau – Raffles Paris is pleased to announce the arrival of its new General Manager, Nicolas De Gols. He officially took office on 1is December 2022, having managed … Read more

Bono de Reyes 2023: Sistema Patria began the delivery of the subsidy in Venezuela TODAY | January 6 | Nicolas Maduro | January 14 | Bond announced by Maduro today | Venezuela

The regime of Nicolas Madurothrough the homeland systemordered the delivery of the first Special Bonus of this year, which corresponds to the Kings Bonus 2023as part of the social benefits delivered in Venezuela. In this way, the social networks of the Carnet de la Patria announced the start of delivery of this economic benefit. Know … Read more

Nicolás Maduro again changed his chancellor and ousted Hugo Chávez’s cousin from the presidency of PDVSA

Illustrative file photo of the PDVSA logo in Caracas Dec 1, 2017. REUTERS/Marco Bello The dictator of Venezuela, Nicolas Maduroannounced the dismissal of the president of the state oil company, Venezuelan oil SA (Pdvsa), asdrubal chavezwho was a cousin of the former Venezuelan caudillo, Hugo Chavez and he had also held the position since April … Read more