Alana (23) traveled to Turkey for new teeth: “I got beautiful teeth, but then my nightmare started” (Gavere)

© gianni barbieux This newspaper recently reported on recruiters for dental tourism: all-inclusive travel – often to Turkey – for completely new and snow-white teeth. Alana Boone (23) fell into that trap. She moved to Antalya, had all her healthy teeth filed into stumps and received 28 crowns in return. That was exactly a year … Read more

Courmayeur’s nightmare without water: tourists on the run and closed restaurants

COURMAYEUR – The last customers tried to hold out until the last. Then yesterday morning they literally threw in the towel: not a drop of water came out of the shower to wash. And they packed their bags, like everyone else. The awakening was abrupt for the guests of the hotels in Courmayeur, one of … Read more

MotoGP, Quartararo: “A nightmare, the rubber was overheating. I couldn’t drive “

A bitter Grand Prix that of Silverstone for Fabio Quartararo. Despite the penalty to be served, the Frenchman melted like snow alone due to the tire, to the point of finishing in eighth position ahead of Aleix Espargarò’s Aprilia. And the disappointment for Fabio is great, in particular for the expectations of the eve, where … Read more

Experienced the nightmare: – Suddenly the son (1) had a stroke

Twelve-month-old Blake Hanchett from Pocklington in England was like most other babies: A fit, gentle and lively little happy-go-lucky. But on March 21, just after his very first birthday, Blake was with the babysitter when she suddenly noticed that the boy’s arms were completely limp. Blake was rushed to York Hospital for a check-up. There, … Read more

The eternal nightmare of Kevin Spacey: now he must pay 31 million dollars to the producer of ‘House of cards’

The Los Angeles justice determined that the actor Kevin Spacey must pay 31 million dollars to the production company that fired him from the popular series “House of Cards” after accusations of sexual abuse against him emerged, the international press reported. The sentence for the actor awarded two Oscars and star of films such as … Read more

Nightmare holiday in Bormio

A holiday that has turned into a nightmare that experienced by a group of young people from an oratory in Brescia who were in the mountains of Bormio (Sondrio). After the first few days, about a hundred people, including carers, began to feel ill with a high fever, vomiting and cough, so much so that … Read more

The old nightmare revealed itself! The first case after 10 years in the USA, the same strain is also found in Israel and England… NEWS August 02, 2022 10:55 TwitterLinkedinFlipboardE-mailCopy LinkFont After Eritrea, Ghana, Togo, Ivory Coast, Yemen, Nigeria and the Congo, the United States reported its first case of polio in 10 years. While the same strain of the virus was seen in England and Israel, vaccine discussions began among scientists. class=”medianet-inline-adv”> World Health Organization (WHO) The … Read more

The nightmare of Katyn is repeated in Ukraine: what is the Kremlin trying to hide about the massacre of prisoners

Ukrainian soldiers who surrendered to Russian forces at the Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol may face the death penalty. This was promised by an official of the self-proclaimed “people’s republic” of Donetsk back in May“minister of justice” Yuri Sirovatko. Then, after fierce battles in Mariupol, about 2.3 thousand people laid down their arms and surrendered. … Read more