The worst nightmare that could happen: a paramedic resuscitated her daughter in a fatal accident

Near Calgary, in Canada, a car ran into a pickup truck on a slippery road and the car turned into scrap metal, LNK reports. The seriously injured teenager was pulled out. Paramedics tried desperately to keep her alive on the way to the hospital. She died there. “A fellow paramedic was grieving knowing that a … Read more

Another nightmare in Turkey this morning

© A 4.3-magnitude earthquake struck Turkey’s northwestern Duzce province early this morning. Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD) reported that the earthquake occurred at 6:57 am (05:57 Bulgarian time). The earthquake occurred at a depth of 9.52 kilometers. There are no reports of new serious property damage in the area. We recall that an … Read more

Before one ends, another begins, this time the nightmare is called measles.

Pointing out that there has been a great decrease in measles vaccination due to the Kovid-19 epidemic that has shaken the world for the last three years, WHO emphasized that the required measles vaccinations could not be given to approximately 40 million children last year, and this is a record. The World Health Organization warned … Read more

ANALYSIS. That Vivaldi still has to continue until 2029 seems like a nightmare | Exclusively for subscribers

“Things are going from bad to worse with Vivaldi,” says political science professor Carl Devos. “The government seems worn out. Even among the coalition partners, faith in this government has been modest since the beginning, but now that results are not forthcoming or disappointing, it has completely disappeared. They even openly distance themselves from the … Read more

Record of Covid infections in China: lockdown nightmare for a third of the population

China is grappling with the worst wave of Covid-19 since the beginning of the Wuhan crisis in January 2020, and with increasingly recurring protests from a population exhausted by almost three years of ‘zero tolerance’ policy. While cities had to violate the anti-pandemic rules just relaxed by the government due to the leap in infections … Read more

Index – Belföld – The Monday morning nightmare of every Budapest motorist: seven cars collided on the Árpád bridge

In Budapest, six cars collided on the Árpád Bridge and four cars collided on the Gubacsi Bridge flyover early Monday morning, the National Disaster Management Authority (OKF) announced. Later, the police on his official website he wrote: Under unclear circumstances until now, on November 21, 2022, around 5:39 a.m., Budapest III. district, at the Margitsziget … Read more

5 Fierce Attackers Who the Country Didn’t Call to the 2022 World Cup, Number 1 Manchester City’s Nightmare: Okezone Bola

A LOT 5 violent attackers who were not called by the country World Cup 2022 will be discussed here. Though, one of them is someone who creates nightmares for Manchester City. The 2022 World Cup provides a place for 26 players in one squad. However, some of these ferocious attackers were unfortunately still unable to … Read more

Nightmare in the kitchen: M6 puts the episode with the restaurant owner who scammed a family from Charente in the fridge

This subject had sparked a big controversy at the start of the school year: when discovering the TV trailer, Catherine Besson, a resident of Chasseneuil-sur-Bonnieure, had fallen from her chair and had alerted Charente Libre to proclaim her anger: the lady rescued by Philippe Etchebest on M6 was the one who defrauded her in 2014, … Read more

Nightmare Orange opponent Senegal becomes reality: Mané misses the World Cup

AFP NOS Football•Thursday, 8:27 PM Sadio Mané not only misses the match against the Orange, but has to miss the entire World Cup. Research has shown that Senegal’s star player is too injured to play this tournament, the Senegalese Football Association announced during a press conference. “Unfortunately, the MRI scan we made shows that the … Read more

The nightmare of a policewoman turned into an unwitting escort. “I offer love matches”

The drama of a policewoman who unwittingly became an online escort began after a man fell in love with her, but the woman refused to have a relationship with him. PHOTO The Truth Archive The story began in 2012, when the policeman repeatedly refused the man a date, and he thought of a revenge plan. … Read more