Tren de la Sabana ran over two people in the ninth race with 117th street | Bogota – Bogota

It is not the first time that an accident has occurred on the railroad of the Tren de la Sabana on Carrera 9.ยช with 119th Street. In fact, this is considered a dangerous section. According to figures from the Ministry of Mobility, this year there are five accidents with material damage; But in 2019 there … Read more

Chuck throws a spear over 82 meters and wins his ninth victory of the season

In the “Kladno hazi a kladnesko memorialy” competition, Kladno won with a result of 82.19 meters, winning the ninth season, but Madara Palameika took the fifth place in the women’s competition, reports the Latvian Athletics Union (LVS). Content will continue after the ad Advertising In the men’s competition, Chaksh started with a 78.75 meter long … Read more

Argentina is close to the ninth bankruptcy in its history

Mubasher – Ahmed Shawky: Argentina is heading into debt default again this month as the country enters a critical period of critical talks with international creditors. The Argentine government submitted a proposal to restructure $ 65 billion of its foreign debt last month, but a group of key asset managers rejected the offer, which ends … Read more

Hubble solves the mystery of the dimming of Betelgeuse, the ninth brightest star in the sky

It’s such a puzzling phenomenon that scientists have been trying to explain it for months. And astronomers now have an answer, which is based on observations of events that occurred in the universe … in the 14th century. The dimming of the gigantic Betelgeuse, the ninth brightest star in the sky, was first observed in … Read more

Juventus Turin for the ninth time in a row by Italian champions

With a 2-0 home win over Sampdoria Genoa, the record champion overtakes the 36th Scudetto in club history. After a saving goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, record champion Juventus has secured the Italian championship for the ninth time in a row. The team around the five-time world footballer made the 36th Scudetto in the club’s history … Read more

Ninth Scudetto in series: Juventus Turin extends its title subscription

Juventus is Italian champions for the ninth time in a row. Superstar Cristiano Ronaldo is on hand against Genoa after a half-time break. However, he cannot be completely satisfied with himself. Another title chance awaits Juve in the coming weeks. After a saving goal by Cristiano Ronaldo, record champion Juventus has secured the Italian championship … Read more

Juventus crowned Italian champion for the ninth consecutive time!

Two days from the end of the championship, the Turin club is seven points ahead of Inter Milan, second, and can therefore no longer be joined. This scudetto is the first to win under the orders of Maurizio Sarri, which extends the incredible series initiated by Antonio Conte (three titles) and continued by Massimiliano Allegri … Read more

Cristiano Ronaldo shoots Juventus for the ninth championship in a row

The second match ball led to the championship: Juventus won the ninth Scudetto in a row with a 2-0 (1-0) win against Sampdoria. The league leaders are now seven points ahead of Inter Milan and cannot be caught on the remaining two matchdays. Cristiano Ronaldo (45. + 7 minutes) and Federico Bernardeschi (67.) scored for … Read more