MS Windows 10 22H2 update notice, first preview distributed through Insider

Microsoft has announced the next major update for Windows 10. The next major update, named Windows 10 22H2, has already been released in Insider Preview, and previews will be distributed several times until the final version is completed. However, it is difficult to add new functions suitable for a major update in a situation where … Read more

Geir Børresen, Death | Alex Rosén pays tribute to Børresen after the death notice: – They heard him, but did not see him

Geir Børresen was in a number of children’s programs on NRK in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. He is perhaps best known for having given life to the dog Labbetuss in the 1980s together with artist and presenter Halvdan Sivertsen. In the 1990s, he became the man behind the jovial janitor Max Mekker in “Sesame … Read more

Neurotransmitter turns out to wake up your brain 100 times a night (but you don’t notice it yourself)

It’s actually good news: it improves your memory and ensures that you wake up refreshed from your sleep the next morning. You may think that a good night’s sleep should be uninterrupted. But nothing is less true. Researchers have discovered that the neurotransmitter noradrenaline wakes your brain up to a hundred times a night. But … Read more

Supermarkets notice, 5 products to be returned immediately: the discovery

The Ministry of Health, with a note on its website, announced the recall of five supermarket products Aisle of a supermarket (Adobe Photo) When shopping, you have to pay close attention to products that you decide to buy. In fact, he can understand that he is buying food only because he is intrigued by the … Read more

Intel predicts that Arc A750 desktop graphics card computing performance will be able to suppress NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3060 (179970)

In the comparison of the execution efficiency of various games, Intel emphasizes that it can suppress the GeForce RTX 3060 created by NVIDIA to target the mainstream game market. Compared with the previously launched Arc A380 desktop graphics card, the performance is no better than that of NVIDIA GTX 1650 and AMD Radeon RX 6400. … Read more

Will the Czechs finally notice her? The first kilometers with the Niro showed that Kia can learn

Right from the start, it’s good to know that even the second generation Niro is not a purely internal combustion car. And that we would again look in vain for a diesel engine under its hood. However, time has torn the curtain and from a slightly eccentric model for ecological connoisseurs it is suddenly a … Read more

The incredible blunder of the police: the lady was the subject of a wanted notice, they take her for an undocumented person!

It’s a nice dumpling that the police area of ​​Haacht, in Flemish Brabant, made. Last Monday, the federal police launched a search warrant following the disappearance in Schaerbeek of a 69-year-old lady suffering from Alzheimer’s. Chamsdha Darkaoui was confused and took a De Lijn bus to go to Cora, but she found herself at the … Read more

GTA Take-Two publisher sends DMCA notice to VR mod creator

picture: rock games Another day, another DMCA takedown notice was sent to a file grand theft auto Modder. This time around, virtual reality designer Luke Ross says Take-Two issued him a DMCA complaint about his modifications to virtual reality even though he claims his work does not contain copyrighted code or material. This is the … Read more