Dengue case notifications increase 583% in 2022 – Jornal Semanário

Data is from Bento Gonçalves, who in 2021 registered 12 suspicions for the disease and, in 2022, 82. In Rio Grande do Sul, the jump was 530%, from 10,591 to 66,759 Dengue is the most prevalent urban arbovirus in the Americas, especially in Brazil, according to the Ministry of Health. In Rio Grande do Sul, … Read more

Anchor: Eufy cameras send images to servers for push notifications – Image and sound – News

Fair enough. I’m glad you picked this up. Eufy is often praised for their local storage and that turns out not to be the case. That’s why it’s good that you post this here and at least inform. EDIT: but I still think this article is very lacking. You should read Paul Moore’s Twitter feed … Read more

Blizzard begins recording Overwatch 2 voice chat for any notifications – Gaming – News

Blizzard has started automatically recording and temporarily saving voice chat in Overwatch 2 in certain countries. If a player reports inappropriate behavior during a play session, the recording will be saved, automatically transcribed and then deleted. The transcripts should enable Blizzard to act more effectively against unwanted behavior; reading a transcript can be faster than … Read more

How to activate the “ignore mode” in WhatsApp to avoid unwanted notifications forever – Teach me about Science

Would you like to silence notifications for certain chats for a long time or forever? Are you tired of your cell phone ringing constantly and, when checking it, receiving an unwanted notification? Don’t worry, doing this is possible, and to do it you just have to activate the “ignored mode”, we will tell you all … Read more


Semarang – Partner notification is one of the strategies recommended by WHO to increase HIV test coverage as an effort to increase case finding, especially in couples. In order to improve the achievement of Minimum Service Standards (MSS) related to infectious diseases, especially HIV/AIDS, the Semarang City Health Office held a Couple Notification Implementation Meeting … Read more

Slack has issues with notifications and downloading threads and channels

Slack has issues with notifications and downloading threads and channels If you have issues with Slack on Thursday, you’re not alone — most of the day, Service Status Page You mentioned that “something isn’t quite right” with Messages, Apps, Integrations, APIs, and Communications. The issues, apparently affecting threads, channels, notifications, and group DMs, persisted for … Read more

Android | So you can make your Samsung phone screen light up with new notifications | Technology | Features | Tools | Samsung | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

Unlocking a mobile device is one of the activities that users carry out on a daily basis, whether it is to answer a WhatsApp message, change a song on Spotify, check email, etc., however, it is likely that sometimes you will receive notifications at dawn that generate a lot of curiosity and even become something … Read more

After the notifications – Kry takes in 1.6 billion

As recently as May this year, Breakit was able to reveal that the online doctor Kry notified about 100 employees to save money. The savings would take place among the staff who did not work with care. Then Kry’s press manager could not Jonas Beltrame-Linné answer whether Kry would take in any new capital during … Read more