Tontowi/Liliyana Excited to See Indonesia’s Mixed Doubles, Here’s Nova Widianto’s Reaction

BADMINTON INDONESIA Indonesian mixed doubles coach, Nova Widianto. BOLASPORT.COM – PP national training coach PBSI, Nova Widiantoanswered the legend badminton Indonesia, Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir, who highlighted the mixed doubles sector. Tontowi Ahmad/Liliyana Natsir previously commented on the opportunity Indonesian mixed doubles at the 2022 World Championships. According to them, all players actually have a chance … Read more

Is the quality of new cars deteriorating? The German ADAC showed what manufacturers save the most on

Engineers from the German ADAC car club assessed 580 models from various manufacturers in a large test and determined the quality of materials and workmanship of current cars. They looked at what manufacturers save on and also how current models perform compared to their predecessors. How did their test go? Even small cars are currently … Read more

An important drug for diabetics is disappearing because of those who want to lose weight – Health – Bulgaria – NOVA news

Doctors and patients with many signals to NOVA – an important drug for the treatment of diabetes disappears from the pharmacy network. Why – because of increased interest from people who want to lose weight. The authorities claim that there are quantities. However, pharmacies and patients say that there has been a serious shortage of … Read more

Huawei continues to innovate with its latest youth phone Huawei Nova 11 Pro at a “competitive” price and “great” capabilities

The leading company Huawei unveils its latest new phones for the current year, Huawei Nova 11 Pro, to come as the previous phone, Nova 10, and Huawei always strives for strong competition and obtaining a prominent position among all smart phone manufacturers, and it is known that Huawei is known for its flagship phones that … Read more

Unboxing the HUAWEI nova Y70, sold today at 7-Eleven nationwide.

Available in Thailand since mid-June 2022 for the HUAWEI nova Y70, a real smartphone about 6,000mAh battery, 22.5W fast charging, with a 6.75-inch big screen size and 3 rear camera innovations AI Triple Camera, sharp resolution, 48MP, today comes with a special surprise, a new way to buy HUAWEI nova Y70 at 7-Eleven, reaching consumers … Read more

Spanish woman finds missing brother in Vila Nova de Paiva for 20 years

August 04, 2022 at 12:31 pm An 87-year-old Spanish woman, born in Granada, but residing in Valladolid, Spain, managed to locate her brother, 74, reported missing since 2001, in Vila Nova de Paiva, in the district of Viseu, about a month ago. The meeting was only possible due to the steps taken by the Spanish … Read more

SURPRISES ON THE RED CARPET: The stars who transformed their outfits in front of the audience (GALLERY) – Stars – Entertainment – NOVA News

See how some celebrities literally transformed in front of the cameras Glamorous formal events are the place and time where stars can showcase not only their style, but also their ingenuity. Some ladies re-wear clothes with which they have stood in front of the cameras and photo lenses before, but combine them with different accessories. … Read more

A four-time European champion died in a serious accident – Society – Sports – NOVA news

The car she was traveling in hit a bus The four-time European champion in wushu (Chinese martial art) – Evgenia Stepanova, died in a serious accident in Russia, reports The tragic incident happened near the city of Vladimir. The car in which the athlete was traveling left its lane and crashed head-on into a … Read more

Three died in a serious accident on the Ruse-Byala road (PHOTOS) – Accidents – Bulgaria – NOVA news

Three people died in a serious accident on the Ruse-Byala road. The accident happened in the early afternoon about 30 kilometers before Ruse. SEE PICTURES HERE Two cars with Bulgarian registration collided. Traffic in the area is difficult. NOVA news – already in Instagram, Twitter, Telegram and Viber – follow us. For more news also … Read more

This time, Czech Television recalculated. The biggest competitor defeated her with her own, moreover, old weapon

There is no doubt that the program of the public channel and private stations is starting to resemble more and more. This trend, which can have a serious impact on Czech Television due to problems with its financing, is already manifested so far that, for example, Nova Television broadcasts popular series from the rich archive … Read more