Scotland is investing heavily in offshore wind

A number of energy companies bid for the licenses, which in the end went for a total of NOK 8.4 billion. The authorities in Scotland call the investment in offshore wind power an important step in the direction of so-called net zero emissions. Most of the concession areas are located east, northeast and along the … Read more

These are the most reliable cars in 2021. SUV models are a large representation

How the reliability of the car you own will always be a big question. It depends on countless factors that can significantly affect the condition and service life of the vehicle. Of course, the basis should be exemplary care, adherence to all service intervals and, in the event of a problem, pay attention to it … Read more

The best sales in history. Rolls-Royce breaks records due to these factors

Price of one car from Rolls-Royce ranges in the hundreds of thousands of euros. At the same time, the upper price limit of these ultra-luxury cars is practically non-existent. The manufacturer offers endless possibilities for personalizing the vehicle and meets the needs of its clients within each of their “fads”. Do you want to have … Read more

Volvo top about Tesla: May have chosen sensors too early

– There is so much going on all the time. You become almost speed blind, says Henrik Green, technical manager at Volvo. This is perhaps to be expected, after Volvo has really thrown itself into the electrification race. In March, Volvo announced that they would become one rent elbilselskap by 2030, and that all electric … Read more

Mercedes is in danger of fire. Hundreds of thousands of models have to go to service stations

The premium manufacturer Mercedes-Benz is currently solving the problem of hundreds of thousands of its vehicles across various model lines. Due to the possibility of a leak in the coolant pump, there is a risk of fire in extreme cases and thus endangering the crew. The parts, which have the described problem to solve, but … Read more

Mercedes has introduced an unparalleled concept. Top aerodynamics and mileage

It was created in an incredible eighteen months, weighs less than the Volkswagen ID.3, has almost perfect aerodynamics with active elements, but has retained the classic exterior rear-view mirrors. And the best part is that the new Mercedes electric concept called the Vision EQXX is not another crossover or SUV. The Daimler Group saw the … Read more

Artūras Kazlauskas. The Gospel of Sunday. Let us be the people of novelty

The light shines in the dark,and darkness did not obscure it.There was a man sent from God,named Jonas.He came as a witness,to bear witness to the lightand that all might believe through him. He himself was not a light,but had to bear witness to the light.There was real light,which illuminates every personand she came into … Read more

The Germans modified the Bratislava beast. However, a powerful SUV carries one hook

Sports-utility models still find a huge number of fans on the market, and of course the manufacturers themselves are responding to the popularity. They are pushing more and more models on a higher chassis with an SUV body or smaller crossovers, while in some cases they are really opulent members of the portfolio who will … Read more

A new brand is heading to Europe, it wants to reach customers similarly to Škoda with the Octavia model

Depending on the power unit, transmission and equipment used, the guide price on the Chinese market ranges from 13,900 to 20,900 euros, while the most expensive versions lack virtually nothing that we are used to with European cars. If you ask why we are writing about this brand, we reiterate that the reason is the … Read more

Here are the first pictures of the upcoming electric car Lexus RZ

Many have asked themselves the question of how Lexus relates to electric cars. The Toyota group has been electrifying for a long time, but has shown a weak interest in switching to rechargeable. Of course, Lexus has now launched a rechargeable hybrid and it already exists an electric car in the model flora. However, the … Read more