“Back 4 Blood” four people work together to fight against zombies new work: novice quick start guide

Engadget / Ray Mok Created by the original crew of “Left 4 Dead” (Evil Forces/L4D), “Back 4 Blood” (Blood Vengeance), which can be said to be a spiritual sequel, is finally released. A new work that can pass the level. After many internal and public betas, how can a rookie get started quickly in the … Read more

A novice amateur discovers within hours a gold hoard in Denmark

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) — An amateur metal detectorist in Denmark has found a huge hoard consisting of gold artifacts from the Iron Age (watch the video above). The find consists of approximately one kilogram of gold that was buried 1,500 years ago, according to a press release from the Figelmoson Museum, which will … Read more

Never underestimate the players, the novice door god of “Legend of Breaking Dawn” was won by the player pulling the train for 7.5 hours | 4Gamers

The “Legend of Breaking Dawn” developed by Bandai Namco was praised by many players after its launch. Players also began to study various in-game possibilities. Faced with bosses whose ranks were much higher than their roles at the beginning, some players pulled the train. After 7.5 hours, he finally won the boss. Anyone can defeat … Read more

Novice driver drinks ten times the permitted amount of alcohol | NOW

Officers in Standdaarbuiten in Brabant arrested a nineteen-year-old motorist in the night from Friday to Saturday who had drunk ten times the permitted amount of alcohol for a novice driver, the law enforcement. The policemen saw the man swinging across the Barlaaksedijk in Standdaarbuiten around 4 a.m. They gave the driver a stop sign to … Read more

Arsenal-Chelsea: duel of novice coaches for a first trophy – England – Abroad

The FA Cup final opposes Blues and Gunners this Saturday, with two coaches, Frank Lampard and Mikel Arteta, who dream of winning their first trophy in this function. The Chelsea-Arsenal FA Cup final on Saturday will allow Frank Lampard or Mikel Arteta to win their first trophy as a coach, but above all is the … Read more